Elementary: The Illustrious Client
January 25, 2015 8:32 AM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Watson starts her new job as an investigator for an insurance firm, but ends up joining forces on a case with Sherlock when a threat to Kitty emerges.
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I feel like no matter how occasionally standard this show can get when it comes to the murder-of-the-week episodes, it consistently manages to really nail emotional points of impact between characters. The show just takes things like supportive friendship very seriously and I love how Kitty's character works within the Watson-Sherlock dynamic. She sometimes comments on it, sometimes mirrors things back, sometimes disrupts it. But through it she's also allowed to be fully-fleshed out. Her reaction at the end was so raw and believable.
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Before checking credits in IMDb and reading the A.V. Club review, I thought Gruner might be the next Big Bad. But now it seems that this is simply a short story arc, spanning a few episodes.

I had a few of the same questions as those in the A.V. Club review. With the twist at the end of the episode, I now believe that Gruner hired Watson to get closer to Kitty, because it fits with the M.O. of a serial rapist and murderer who now decides to leave a very visible clue for "the one that got away." Also, I imagine that he was working pretty closely with Simon de Merville, not only because he disposed of de Merville in an attempt to sever any clear ties to himself and the white slaver (after planting the brand in the brothel), but also because he probably set up de Merville with the way out. de Merville didn't seem like someone sharp enough to file away the exact expensive drug to find in the event that he'd need some quick cash or a way to barter for a safe haven, but Gruner would pay attention to those details.

In my head, I built Gruner up to quite a conniving individual, but we'll see if I'm giving him too much credit.
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