Neptune Frost (2021)
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An intersex African hacker, a coltan miner and the virtual marvel born as a result of their union.

To quote the Wikipedia article:
Neptune Frost is a 2021 science fiction romantic musical film co-directed by Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman, and starring Cheryl Isheja, Elvis Ngabo and Kaya Free. It follows the relationship between Neptune and Matalusa, coltan miners whose love leads a hacker collective.

Most synopses fall short of describing this film's impact. I think you'll be glad you checked out the trailer.

Weighing in at 96% on the TomatoMeter, currently on Criterion Channel and available to rent on most streaming services.
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This movie has a combination of a dense set of ideas with a kind of abstract, dreamy storytelling style that I could see rubbing some folks the wrong way, but was absolute catnip for me. I found it intensely beautiful, and rewarding of multiple viewings.
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Saul Williams is rad!

Another $5 to MeFi for the tag #fund-ff! More info here.
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