The Simpsons - from the start
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Would anyone else be game for a club / regular series of rewatches of classic (single digit season) Simpsons?
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I would be! I actually did this on my own during COVID -- it's amazing how some of the early episode feel so familiar (I know almost every beat) but simultaneously completely fresh and every joke hits like it's the first time I've seen it.
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I'm in! I'm actually doing a sleep rewatch right now. Just made it to season 5.
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My kid has been doing a first time watch from the beginning for like two years and is on season 29. I watched most of the single digit seasons with him. I might comment on a few.

I definitely think single episode posts are in order for a Simpsons rewatch, as the continuity doesn't mean anything and people are fond of particular single episodes.
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I wouldn’t comment too frequently (at least until we got to season 3) but I would definitely subscribe to this newsletter!
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Thanks all for responding so positively. Good to know there are at least a few of us. Maybe I'll try it for a bit and see if there's enough general interest to continue. First post on the 33rd anniversary of the premiere, then a new episode every 3-4 days.
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My recollection is that it only found its feet when they switched the focus from Bart to Homer. When would that have been? Season 2?

There was a step change in the quality of the art fairly early in the show's history too, apparently because the animators had previously thought Groening wanted them to faithfully reproduce the flaws in his own drawings.
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I'm cautiously in too, although like others above my (very fuzzy, it's been a long time) memory is that the first season or two was a bit bumpy.
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The first season is most definitely very bumpy - fortunately it's only 13 episodes.
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Agreed, but there are some pretty funny bits in S1. The tabloid headlines in "The Call of the Simpsons" about Marge being in love with her ape-man husband always make me laugh, and Homer has some good lines in "The Telltale Head." Definitely rough around the edges, but way better than, say, S1 of Family Guy (although not as good as S1s of King of the Hill or Futurama).
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They started to hit a stride in Season 2 (though if you watch the DVD commentaries, about half of the comments are the producers cringing at the size of the characters eyeballs, so the artwork wasn't fully settled by then). Season 3 started the run, but seasons 4, 5 and 6 are the true golden era of the Simpsons.
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I'm in if you want to post them! I stopped watching somewhere around S10 but am a huge fan of the early episodes. (I'm old enough that I watched the bits on "The Tracey Ullman Show" first.)
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Okie doke, first episode is up now.
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