Tiptoes (2002)
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A man is reluctant to tell his fiancée that his parents, uncle and brother are dwarfs.

Starring Gary Oldman, Patricia Arquette, Matthew McConaughey, Kate Beckinsale, Peter Dinklage, David Alan Grier.

Directed by Matthew Bright (Freeway). Written by Bill Weiner.

20% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently streaming in the US on Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel, and free with ads on Vudu. Justwatch listing.

Today, I'm going to post six movies that are problematic and/or made by/starring problematic people, but also either: have merit/are acclaimed; won some awards; are very popular; have a certain amount of cultural cachet. I'll be tagging these #problematicmovies.

Producer #1: You know... little people are underrepresented in film. We should make an effort to do something about that.
Producer #2: So true, so true. How about a movie where a man of normal height has a family who are all dwarfs and that is our way in?
Producer #1: That could work.
Producer #2: We'd really have to make an effort to portray the family with respect. Who can we cast?
Producer #1: Well, we start with Peter Dinklage, if we can get him.
Producer #2: I mean... naturally. He's amazing. And after him?
Producer #1: [........]
Producer #2: [........]
Producer #1: [........]
Producer #2: [........]
Producer #1: Hmmm...
Producer #2: Hmmm...
Producer #1: What if we just cast Gary Oldman and have him play a dwarf like Tim Conway in the Dorf on Golf videos?
Producer #1: Perfect!!
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Criminy, the trailer.

"It's only the size of your heart that matters..."
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I'm not really sure this film qualifies under "won some awards; are very popular; have a certain amount of cultural cachet." I guess it has a small, schadenfreude-y cult following.
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I'm thinking if it has that cast, it counts as notable on one scale or another.
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