Crabs! (2021)
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Mutated by nuclear runoff, a horde of murderous horseshoe crabs descend on a sleepy California town causing Prom Night terror. As the deadly crustaceans claw their way through the disbelieving population, it's up to a ramshackle band of students and local law enforcement to address the increasingly ginormous crab menace.

Starring Dylan Riley Snyder, Jessica Morris, Allie Jennings, Robert Craighead, Dash Pomerantz, Bryce Durfee, Kurt Carley, Katrina Landa, Chase Padgett, Justen Overlander.

Written and directed by Pierce Berolzheimer.

76% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently available for digital rental in the US on multiple outlets. JustWatch listing.
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I have not seen this yet, but word from folks who saw it at festivals is that it is a very funny, intentionally campy thing that knows exactly what it is. Also, most of the crab effects are said to be practical FX and very fun.

I've also been eyeballing this one because the (supposedly hilarious) comic relief character is a Romanian named Radu, and Comrade Doll is from Romania.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 8:03 AM on November 18, 2022 [1 favorite]

This looks like such amazing fun! Definitely going to be watching soon.
posted by miss-lapin at 9:35 AM on November 18, 2022

This would make a good pairing with Psycho Goreman for a double feature. It's similarly ridiculous while knowing exactly what it is.

Radu was hilarious, though not at all Romanian. He was more like R-Rated Balky from Perfect Strangers, on mushrooms.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 6:03 PM on November 20, 2022

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