Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Reunited Part I: Unfinished Business
November 21, 2022 11:26 AM - Season 2 (Specials) - Subscribe

Picking up several months after the events in Cognouza, The Mighty Nein have all started new chapters in their lives. However, when some discover that there are still old chapters yet to be closed, our unsung heroes must reunite for more stories untold…
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I am chided in my D&D group for playing a druid who is kinda profligate with his spell slots (Level 6, but I will cast Speak With Animals at the first sight of a beast, plus my character's kind of a coward so Pass Without Trace is always prepared), and even for me, seeing Jester and Caleb use that much magic without a long rest... before they even got to the storm giant or Ukotoa... makes me nervous about what they have left for part 2.
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They're level 17, so have slots for daaaaaaays. It's going to be a very different combat dynamic without Cad, though - swapping a control/healing cleric for a front-line melee nutjob might turn bad pretty quick.

Especially if Jester forgets to cleric, kinda leaves Fjord as the only other off-healer

On edit: just remembered Cad's crit-cancelling ability, which has been soooo clutch. I can't wait for part 2!
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If I don't know these characters, would I enjoy this for high-level adventure fun or is it more for fans only?
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It's resting on a lot of established lore. These two eps are basically a victory lap for the characters that completed Campaign 2 back in early 2021.

Campaign 3 started in October 2021 and has "only" about 40 episodes in, by comparison. If you want to speedrun through Campaign 1, then the first season of the Amazon Prime series "The Legend of Vox Machina" adapts the first major arc of Campaign 1 in a neat 10-episode animated package, with season two coming early next year.
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