She's Beautiful When She's Angry (2014)
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SHE’S BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE’S ANGRY resurrects the buried history of the outrageous, often brilliant women who founded the modern women’s movement from 1966 to 1971. SHE’S BEAUTIFUL takes us from the founding of NOW, with ladies in hats and gloves, to the emergence of more radical factions of women’s liberation; from intellectuals like Kate Millett to the street theatrics of W.I.T.C.H. (Women’s International Conspiracy from Hell!).
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I saw this last night at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, presented by the Women's Fund of Central Ohio. It was really excellent. It left me very emotional and both upset at how much has been taken away from what was won, and feeling excited and ready to get stuff done! I think the trailer isn't exactly representative of the film, which only very, very briefly touched on modern feminism. I was initially concerned that it would only talk about white women in the women's movement, but there were (relatively brief) sections on Black women in the movement and the intersectionality of race and sexism (people like Fran Beal and the Black Women's Alliance), Puerto Rican women in the Young Lords. There were also great sections on the Janes in Chicago, lesbian women in the movement, and the women behind Our Bodies, Ourselves. I thought it was fantastic, and really recommend that you see it if you get a chance!
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Wow wow wow. Can't wait for this one.
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