Doom Patrol: Doom Patrol
December 8, 2022 5:03 PM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The Doom Patrol try to take themselves seriously as superheroes, only to find that their enemies are more ridiculous than ever.
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I enjoyed this a lot! Because there's still another episode to watch tonight, I'm going to keep it brief. By the end of last season, I was ready to bid this show farewell, but this is a nice soft opening that was charming without trying too hard or hitting me over the head with sturm und drang, and I dug it. The only other thing I'll say is -- have you guys seen those memes or whatever where people use AI art bots to create stills from imaginary superhero movies directed by Wes Anderson? They're pretty fucking weird! Not to mention morally, ethically and (once Disney sinks their teeth in, I am sure) legally not so great, since those AI bots work by scraping real artists' actual work and reusing it without credit. Ironically, the very thing these putzes are looking for actually exists, and it's this fucking show!
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Thanks for posting. I didn't realize DP back back for another season. Now I do. Time to go catch up (eventually).
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I can't wait to watch Rita Farr in The Return of Ghost: Gal Ghost Gal's Gal Pal
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I just paused and read the Cloverton plaque; it's not about the zombie butts, but the donkey situation from season 1, including the air date.
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For anybody who is reading this and considering watching the rest of Season Four: don't bother. The show is cancelled mid-season, so nothing is wrapped up. In fact, very little happens at all during the six episodes. They're really not good. Save yourself!
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The second half of the season hasn't been released or scheduled yet, but it's still in the works.
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You're correct, of course. I must have read something that made me think it'd been cancelled.
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