Willow: The Whispers of Nockmaar
December 14, 2022 12:38 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The requisite bottle episode, or "spending the night in a haunted castle" episode.
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AV Club review.

Jade thought she was going to like being a knight, but so far it SUCKS.

I didn't know you could use a human as a telephone around here.

"Tell us something the real Boorman would know!" "You two are totally (gibberish) for each other." Can anyone clarify what the heck that word was?! Goobers?

Elora is actually doing better in this episode, for me?

I'm enjoying Graydon's history nerdery. And what's with the surprise tattoo? Looks like he's possessed by something meaner than he is at times.
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I'm fairly sure he said "you two have totally got the hots for each other"
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So like, what's behind Chekov's locked door? Or was that also an illusion?
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I liked this episode much better than the last (which caused my faith to waver). Some interesting twists in this one, esp. concerning Graydon. And am I the only one to notice that a lock of Elora's hair had turned bright red by the end of the episode?
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I definitely enjoyed this episode more than the past episodes, though still waiting for that moment where it hooks me by the soul and I'm ready to defend it to the end on some silly mole hill.

Seconding selenized on the "hots" answer.

It also felt like Warwick Davis was just a little more comfortable being back in his role, but perhaps also, it was interesting to see this growing story that Willow may have let people run with the idea that he had used magic to defeat Bavmorda - perhaps to feed his ego, perhaps simply because it got away from him and felt he could not rein it back in. At the same time, "What happened to your village, Willow?" That question is still ringing in my ears at the moment.

I'm still so so on Elora's magical evolution. The only thing I can figure is that for her magic is really something instinctual, that it's ingrained within her how to do things without her realizing it. I.e., sucking the lich out of Graydon. There was no setup for that answer to use herself as a magical strainer.

I wonder if Graydon wasn't possessed or something early on as a child?

Do we know anything about Boorman's partner?

BTW, here's the episode guide from Lucasfilm!

This episode also benefited by offering a greater backstory to Bavmorda, someone who went a bit Ben Solo apparently without the redemption.

Lastly, I hooted when I recognized one of the first lines of Mad Martigan to Willow when he's hanging in the crow's cage at the crossroads. Heh.
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Graydon doesn't have a tattoo, those looked like gnarly (literally) scars.

We never saw if the lock picking was successful, I wonder if the group now has a mimic/clone in their midst?

After a re-watch, yes Elora does indeed have a sizable streak of red in her hair after her second (conscious) use of Magic Abilities.

Finally Boorman has the key to the Magic Armour - which for reasons unknown to the audience he's not sharing with the group - but , where is the actual Armor that the key goes into?
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I wonder if Graydon wasn't possessed or something early on as a child?

Did we not see that explicitly? In the flash-back to when he throws his brother out of a tree his eyes suddenly turn all blood-shot and veiny in a way that strongly implied he was possessed or otherwise under the control of mysterious evil.
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jenfullmoon: “"You two are totally (gibberish) for each other."”
The captions said, "the hots."

I've been enjoying this. I like all the people and the story is interesting. I noticed it before, but this episode undeniably brought to mind the article, “Why Does Everyone In Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Talk Like That?”
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