Requesting film release years be shown on FF main page
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Could we get the movie year displayed on the main FF page? To clarify situations like this with the Oldboys. But also, I think it's good information to have anywhere when considering a movie. Like, when I posted Sansho the Bailiff I felt like it was important to say what year it was from so that people who haven't heard of it know it's not a current movie. (*And if this change is made can someone edit my Sansho the Bailiff post to not have the redundant year in the title pls...) I know it shows it on the movie's actual page but I'd like to see it on the FF main page.
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I'd like this as a feature. Here was last month's discussion, with jessamyn chiming in offering her support. Do staff really notice Fanfare Talk? Just curious; I'm here a lot and I barely even notice it, but staff have more tools than I do....
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Oh that one made it past me.
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