Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet: Season 3
January 2, 2023 5:07 PM - Season 3 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Ian and Poppy pitch their new game and David is left in charge at Mythic Quest. Jo assembles the gang for C.W's celebration. Brad returns as the janitor, Dana and Rachel are back again.
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Realized that it was back on, binged to the penultimate (e09) ep. Finale on Friday 6th.

F. Murray Abraham remains alive as of this post. But I'm glad he doesn't figure in this season, despite his wonderful contributions in seasons past.

Up to snuff. Some really good self reflection this season. Smart writing.
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Jo remains my favorite character on the show, but this season they lean too heavily on Jo being socially awkward with respect to friendships and the brunch. That episode did make me want to drive a tank, though.

The girl they cast as young Poppy was perfect for that role. I liked seeing the genesis of Poppy's friendship with Ian, whose upbringing was especially tragic.
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Everyone in this show is good (Carol shines and the lawsuit episode was chef’s kiss for the Art Department) but Poppy is magnificent. The way she combines brilliance with feral is so beautiful. Her friendship with Ian - I loved the pandemic episode and this one, seeing her and Ian splinter apart was a gut punch.
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The girl they cast as young Poppy was perfect for that role
That was a little nuts. Not only did she look like Poppy (well, nailing the hair and glasses), but her vocal delivery - speaking cadence and inflections - were dead-on.
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The ending was fine, but I wonder if there's still story to tell if there's another season.

Totally dug Rachel's dye job.
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The casting on young Poppy was just impossibly good, like they got her real-life daughter or something. Absolutely unthinkable job they did there.
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The ending of this season was perhaps inevitable, but the road there was as pleasurable as previous seasons.

How do they keep doing that midseason historical episode and it just. slaps. every. fucking. time?
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apparently they're working on a whole spin-off series where the premise is that every episode is a That One Episode, and I'm honestly kind of excited
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the depiction of Game Development is about as divorced from reality as it's ever been so far

I don't understand the universe they've conceived when Poppy by herself in a giant white void can cowboy code her way through a prototype supposedly worth millions of dollars. The whole season I'm waiting for someone to come to the realization that this is absurd, but instead it's only absurd because Poppy and Ian can't get along.

Games take a lot of people and a lot of time to make; a single developer fueled by candy and soda isn't a business, it's a hobby. Yes, there's that one exception you know about the single developer who made millions of dollars making a game by himself, but that's not what they were depicting here.

I see the through line in the series about passionate people trying to bring their projects to life while navigating the inevitable conflicts along the way. But you can't just transport your 1975 style game dev story into a 2022 setting just by staging it in an office with blank futuristic walls.

Also they really dropped that Rachel goes to college plotline, like, immediately!

a lot of the other stuff was good though
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Just finished the season last night, and I appreciate the way that the two leads were able to acknowledge the existence of the non-romantic love they feel for each other. A heterosexual bromance. I liked that. Kind of love how Jo and Brad have a similar sort of non-romantic romance going on, too, like the kind of thing that Sith have instead of friendship.

I do like the way that they seem to be rearranging the pieces on the board quite a lot for the fourth season, with the characters all moving around and rearranging themselves. Jo's insistence that she be fired was just an absolute delight, and perfectly in character.
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