Manifest: Part 1 of Season 4 (episodes 1-10)
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S4, Episode 1 picks up two years after the end of Season 3.

Season 4 has been split two. The first half dropped on Netflix (U.S.) in November 2022. The second half is expected possibly in April 2023.

Episode-by-Episode recap of this season.
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I’m not sure why I’m watching this. The initial premise is interesting in a LOST kind of way, the cast is sympathetic, figuring out the callings is emotionally satisfying. If episodes dropped weekly, I doubt I would’ve kept up so being able to binge watch it in chunks means sticking points get churned through, like this season’s “find my baaaaybee” which meant Ben was MIA from the main plot and way too much time was spent on the Angelina character.

Two things: The aged-up Cal actor is a perfect match for kid Cal. The idea of the 828 Registry and check-ins is very disturbing.
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I haven't watched to season 4, so wasn't sure whether to post this here. But I too wondered if others have a very mixed reaction to the show in general. In fact, upon restarting it recently, I realized I'd watched well into season 2 and didn't remember doing so.

The lead actor annoys me, and I think the world's reaction to the flight (at least through what I've seen) seems downplayed.
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I'm not sure why, but I'm still watching too. Back when it first started running on NBC, I remember the showrunner (or somebody) saying they had a 6-season arc planned, which gave me a chuckle because the odds of the show getting renewed for that many years was about as unrealistic as the show's whole premise. So, I'm glad they're getting a chance to wrap things up.

I don't generally like genre shows that resolve with 'God did it', so, I don't know that I would have started watching if I knew we were going to end up with a piece of Noah's Ark being a plot point. But I'm still curious to see what the finale brings. And I loved Josh Dallas in the early seasons of 'Once Upon a Time' before the writing got too bad to bear watching, so, I'm still residually drawn to watch him.
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