Grace of My Heart (1996)
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Philadelphia teenager Edna Buxton (Illeana Douglas) wins a talent contest during the early rock 'n' roll era, changes her name to Denise Waverly and moves to New York City to make it big. Though she flops as a recording artist, fast-talking record producer Joel Millner (John Turturro) recognizes her songwriting talent and teams her with struggling songsmith Howard Caszatt (Eric Stoltz). The ups and downs of Denise's career parallel the tumult of the 1960s pop scene.

Also starring Matt Dillon, Bruce Davison, Patsy Kensit-Healy, Jennifer Leigh Warren, Chris Isaak, Bridget Fonda, Peter Fonda.

Written and directed by Allison Anders. original songs by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach.

79% fresh on -Rotten Tomatoes.

Currently available for digital rental in the U-S on multiple outlets. JustWatch listing.
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There is an entire subgenre of American films that reimagine musical history by cooking up a big, episodic stew of thinly veiled retellings of famous musicians and their iconic moments.

Your mileage may vary on how much you enjoy that subgenre, but for my money, this is the best of the bunch.
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This movie is so underrated. I love it.

I would love the non-Elvis Costello vocal track of the title song, tho.
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Kitteh: here you go!
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I think Kitteh was actually looking for the movie version with Kristen Vigard singing . That one is here.

The only way I know of to buy the recorded Vigard version is to find a used copy of this cheesy CD.
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I love this movie. Illeana Douglas is so good. Whenever I can't think of what I'd like to watch, I put this one on. 'Take A Run at the Sun' is a brilliant song.
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I love this movie so much. I owned the DVD and watched this all the time. All. The. Time.

Also, I miss Allison Anders movies.
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