Stutz (2022)
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Jonah Hill introduces the world to his therapist Phil Stutz.

I enjoyed this movie as a movie much more than I thought I would. I loved the therapy concepts and discussions more than the film as a film but I also like the art and structure of the movie. I’m so glad Jonah got help and the vulnerability and intimacy shown is a good reminder to say “I love you” more.

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One of my favorite films of 2022, 5/5 stars. I've said this in other places, but worth saying again: This is what it looks like to work in partnership with someone, to co-create a space, and to bring all your vulnerability, authenticity and ideas into it. And be open to what happens there. Also, the both of them are really fucking funny.
posted by iamkimiam at 11:59 AM on January 5, 2023

This is an excellent film.

Wise and sad and funny.
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I’m always envious of those who can afford an actual therapist like Stutz. It must be amazing to work with someone like that.

Great movie!
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