Vibrations (1996)
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While up-and-coming rock star TJ (James Marshall) heads to his big audition to secure a record deal, his car is hit by a car load of drunks and he loses both hands. He falls out of the music business and becomes a homeless alcoholic with plastic hands. One night he is awoken in the dirty warehouse he sleeps in by an illegal rave party. He meets computer artist Anamika (Christina Applegate) and his plastic hands help him stop her from being assaulted by rave thugs. With Anamika's love and a pair of robotic hands, techno-playing T.J. becomes a rave club superstar as a robot named Cyberstorm. This is a real plot summary.

Also starring Faye Grant, Paige Turco, Scott Cohen, Bruce Altman, David Burke.

Written and directed by Michael Paseornek, who had better luck as a producer, eventually becoming the head of Lions Gate Films.

While the movie was a commercial and critical flop, it had a certain amount of ubiquity as one of the very first movies released on DVD.

Not available for conventional streaming, but uploaded in its entirety on YouTube.

Today is Christina Applegate Appreciation Day, because she's terrific and MS sucks. This screams cult classic. Severin should put this out in 4K Blu Ray.
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That trailer is something else.
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"So what are the 'trailer moments' we should really highlight in the preview?"

"How about the part where TJ offers to fuck someone with his stump?"
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oh my god
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I honestly don't think this description would be half as funny if it weren't James Hurley. Holy fuck.
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Fanfare: This is a real plot summary.
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rave thugs
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