National Treasure: Edge of History: The Treasure Map
January 8, 2023 11:28 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

When their friend is kidnapped by their rival, Jess and her friend Tasha devise a plan to rescue him. They arrange a ransom exchange on a World War II warship, which makes Jess realise that he is not the only one in trouble.
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Definitely still the same vibes as the first episode, not bad, I love that it doesn't do the movie/tv thing of accepting shitty or vague answers with no followup. I think at one point the lead says that's not good enough to an answer that I felt would have been accepted in other shows. It feels like they're showing clever rather than being clever, but I also understand I might not be the targeted audience.
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I enjoyed the second episode, though Jess being fired because the person who said they would cover their shift...didn't, it felt kind of stretchy. More so, because the boss was prepared to make her assistant manager just an episode prior. Very much a "the plot demands that Jess work at the bar," type of thing. That and the weird way they handled Liam's pivot to wanting to find the treasure. I don't think Jess would have cared about the motivation, wanting money to go Nashville versus his story about his father (not true), so much as he was wanting to give her access and help with the process. Or, thinking this over as I write, is this intended as an issue down the road: She's a protector of the treasure and doesn't want anyone to profit from it? (this makes more sense, I suppose.)

I like the introduction of the newb FBI agent and look forward to her not canceling the toxicology report on Sandusky.

Biggest complaint was the box puzzle breaking. Jess nailing the sun on the rabbit and hole or whatever story aspect on the first try was a bit of a stretch. But this was really my only big complaint for the episode. I'm curious how they're going to play up Ethan in all of this, and the twist at the end with her mother having written on the treasure was a nice unexpected surprise. I also appreciated Jess going, "Why were the Inca, Maya, and Aztect working together?" Indeed! Kudos for lampshading that so the viewers don't feel like we're being silly for asking the same question. Plenty of episodes to continue to watch. Can't wait.
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