Call for Volunteers!
February 1, 2023 10:49 PM - Subscribe

We have a Simpsons rewatch in FanFare thanks to Paragon! But, we need volunteers…

We have about 200 episodes packed with pop culture references and jokes to watch again, so it would be nice to have some volunteers to maintain a pace of 2 episodes per week. So far, it's me and Paragon.

If we aim to post two episodes a week, aiming for Monday and Thursday US time, I think a four or five volunteer rotation would work out nicely. One person would write an episode post roughly every two weeks. I find that I have enough energy for one viewing of the episode, one viewing with commentary, and one post per week. Two posts a month would be a nice, leisurely pace for me. Suggestions and criticism on scheduling welcome! I'm not made of stone.

The next episode is up for grabs if anyone wants it, otherwise I'll post the next one within 7 days.
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