The Legend of Vox Machina: Those Who Walk Away
February 2, 2023 8:03 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

In a desperate bid to save a team member's life, Vax strikes a fateful deal with the Matron of Ravens. As Vox Machina make their way out of the sunken temple, Vax wonders what he's just signed up for.

The Mother of Raven's vestige is the first one retrieved.

Kash and Zahra have to admit they might have wrongly judged Vox Machina.

Vax may never forgive Percy
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OK, presumably not too spoilery, because I'm referring to the post and the previous episode, but... this makes me want to go back and watch the actual game sessions, because it's hard to believe an actual D&D player would do something as dumb as what got the character killed. (OK, makes sense for Grog, but Percy?) Which makes the TV show a little frustrating at times. Would like to see how it unfolded in gameplay.

That said, Zahra is a fun character, both in her attitude and her motivations. She keeps us guessing. And I want the backstory on her relationship with Vex.

Also frustrating to see the Kash/Antlers flirtation. Didn't she have a thing for Vex last season? Are they erasing that?

Finally -- really liking the animation of the Mother of Ravens and the Sphinx, and how they're handled as bemused neutrals, more or less.
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It's been a long time since I have seen the episodes (Covers actual play Vox Machina season 1 episodes 44-45 I think) but the death was the result of a series of statistically ~terrible~ dice roles in relation to checking for traps / being affected by traps, and also comming off the emotional high of a series of mind- bogginfly GREAT combat roles when fighting the fishmen.

So a mixture of arrogance and circumstance
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Also frustrating to see the Kash/Antlers flirtation. Didn't she have a thing for Vex last season? Are they erasing that?
This is true to the game, and reflective of how immature/innocent Keyleth* is. There was a distinct flirtation in the game, and iirc the thing for Vax is still rather unspoken as yet.

* this is not a comment on Marisha, who is awesome. I mention this only because the toxic elements of fandom love to hate on her, and fuck that noise.

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