The Nevers: Season 1B [Episodes 7-12]
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An epic tale following a gang of Victorian women who find themselves with unusual abilities, relentless enemies, and a mission that might change the world.

Apparently the long-buried second half of this ill-fated series aired on Tubi last week, to very little fanfare. Anybody bother following through to see how it wrapped up?

"Now, almost two years since The Nevers Season 1 Part I premiered on HBO, the show’s complete first season — Episodes 1-12 — will be airing on Tubi, a free ad-supported streaming platform. ... [Y]ou’ll have another chance to stream it on Tubi from March 1 to March 3. Streaming times have not yet been confirmed."—Meghan O'Keefe for Decider.

"Well, a lot happens! And not all of it makes sense!"—‘The Nevers’ Series Finale Ending Explained, also by O'Keefe for Decider
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I don't know which is going to be harder to remember the storyline for - The Nevers or Carnival Row. I guess The Nevers was only back in 2021 and not 2019 like Carnival Row. Ah well.
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My wife and I tried to get into this when it started based on the Whedon pedigree before we knew how terrible he was which cast a pallor over the whole thing. Then it turned out it wasn’t very good anyway. We dropped it pretty quickly when it didn’t catch fire right away. Still, I hate that Discovery dumped it on a free ad-supported service. HBO is supposed to be better than that, and I resent how Discovery is trying to water down HBO for tax purposes in favor of cheaply made reality trash.
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Thanks for letting me know this is back! I'm not sure this was good, it really feels like any other super show but Victorian. But I enjoyed it anyway, mostly because it boiled like two seasons of Wheaton tropes into 6 episodes. Women empowered against their will and also oppressed (and also often barefoot), the ingenue "unexpectedly" murdered, the patron-turned-villain, the false-finale showdown/heist that goes horribly wrong, the last episode genre change, etc. It's like a jukebox musical playing all the hits hard and fast.
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I tried Tubi again last night trying to find this and found nothing. What the hell is going on? Yeah, this show was a mess but I need a little resolution. This running the episodes "live" isn't exactly working for me. Just post the episodes and leave them up there, FFS.
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Does whedon make any money if I watch this?
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I'm halfway through the second half and _man_ I wish this were still alive and kicking. I forgot how wild the first 6 episodes were, I was halfway through the 7th episode when I went "wait, was this the show that suddenly had Claudia Black as some kind of future soldier oh yeah".

I guess the best way to catch this on "streaming" is to watch r/TheNevers, people find out whatever godforsaken slot it gets dropped into and make a post for it. Is it worth watching it that way? God, I don't know. If you know how to hoist the skull and crossbones, it's probably worth hunting it down.
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The Nevers Gets Roku Release Date, Starting With Full-Season Marathon

The Nevers will debut this Saturday, April 8 at 10 am ET, with a marathon of all 12 episodes (including the six that never aired on HBO).

I watched this and Carnival Row at the same time and then they both came back at the same time and I still haven't gotten to the new episodes of either. But if I remember correctly, The Nevers got extra crazy space wild at the last episode and then just disappeared.
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I finished the second half tonight and I'm not 100% sure it stuck the landing, it does sort of leave it off at a satisfying ending? Like it's not a goddamn cliffhanger, although there was enough meat left on the bones for a possible followup season. Sort of a shame it was killed _and buried_, hopefully Roku puts it into regular streaming so everybody can get their damn residuals.
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(like, ok, HBO buried it so they wouldn't have to pay residuals and the Tubi broadcasts were probably filling some contractual obligation, but from what I can tell you couldn't even buy the last 6 episodes from any of the usual suspects. Weird, man, weird.)
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So I stayed with the series until I watched all twelve episodes. It had a fine cast, I liked the premise, there were good moments, but damn the plotting was a hot mess, so much so that it surprises me I stuck it out through the end.
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