Party Down: Kyle Bradway Is Nitromancer
February 25, 2023 7:52 AM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

After landing a big superhero movie role, Kyle hires Party Down to caterer his celebration party and invites former coworkers, friends and band mates. Most are happy to catch up and for Kyle's success but some aren't.
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Hard to think of a better return to a show after a decade-plus hiatus.
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Oh boy, that was uncomfortable - but everything gelled just like as if no time had passed.
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but everything gelled just like as if no time had passed.
Totally, which matches how I felt meeting up with old coworkers. I thought it was appropriate for Roman to hold onto what's left of his integrity. What else would he have at this point?
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Fran Kranz as the villain of this episode is delightful. I wish he got more work.
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Geeze, that was Fran Kranz (it is!). I only ever remembering him from 'Dollhouse' as a super-ripped neuro-divergent and awkward techie (his "Crisps!" and "Drawer of Forbidden Starches" scene with Olivia Williams is one of the best ever).
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How do you not remember him in the Cabin in the Woods and that epic bong?!
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Fran Kranz is the youngest That Guy on the roster of That Guys
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As I was watching, I spent a lot of the episode trying to pull from my memory where Fran Kranz’s career had previously intersected with the Rob Thomas universe. I was so sure he’d been on Veronica Mars or iZombie, but no dice. However, when Adam Scott said he was a high school teacher I was immediately picturing him in his Veronica Mars role as the high-school teacher grooming young girls.

I appreciated the explanation of how they all ended up back together. This was a solid opening to what will hopefully be a good revival.
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