Cocaine Bear (2023)
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[TRAILER] An oddball group of cops, criminals, tourists, and teens converge in a Georgia forest where a 500-pound black bear goes on a murderous rampage after unintentionally ingesting cocaine.

Starring Keri Russell, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Christian Convery, Alden Ehrenreich, Brooklynn Prince, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Margo Martindale, and a final screen appearance from the late Ray Liotta.

Directed by Elizabeth Banks. Written by Jimmy Warden. Produced by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Aditya Sood, Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, Brian Duffield. Music by Mark Mothersbaugh.

71% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

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The first act is a little slow to get to the mayhem, but once it gets going, it's a fun film. It's not just the bear hijinks that entertain, either. The film has a vintage Jonathan Demme-style gaggle of endearingly, convincingly weird characters, from the drug lord's son mourning his dead girlfriend to the young punk/petty criminal who becomes his de fact grief counselor. These people are weird and funny in a lived-in way.

In the end, it mostly comes off as funny, talented filmmakers fucking around, but what is the harm in that? Once the mayhem kicks in, it's like spending an hour plus in something pitched like the Vincent shoots Marvin scene from Pulp Fiction.
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I'm seeing it Tuesday and it's embarrassing how god damned excited I am!
posted by miss-lapin at 11:05 AM on February 25

Sounds like it's quite gory, and while sometimes I can take that in a deadpan, humorous way (see how Violent Night won me over), it's not my favorite thing, so...trailer was good, not sure I'll see it.
posted by praemunire at 11:33 AM on February 25

This is absolutely deadpan and humorous.
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Yep, pretty gory, though I only had to cover my eyes for the last death.

For those who might be worrying, no harm comes to any dogs.

I also was braced to quit if we got too much "ha ha, it's inherently funny/grotesque that an older heavier woman wants romance!" with Margo Martindale, but it fell within tolerances.
posted by praemunire at 9:46 PM on February 25

(It also helps that movies like this lately seem to understand what their proper length is.)
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I took the running joke with the ranger to be less, haha, she's old and fat and more as another example of the film's interest in personal lives bleeding through to working lives. You've got drug lord stuck babysitting his grandson, drug lord scion in weepy mourning, detective struggling with unexpected devotion to his ridiculous new dog, petty criminal who thinks a lot about mental health, and yeah, hard-nosed ranger who would also like to nail that wildlife survey guy.

It also helps that it was Margo Martindale, who can sell anything.
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The bit with the preteens "doing coke" was genuinely funny. Overall, I'd say the kid playing the boy in particular has a future in comedy.
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yeah, I heard from someone who saw it, which I have not yet, that it was "Margo Martindale Being Sexy".
posted by corb at 12:42 PM on February 27

It wasn't too bad, really. I just hate that trope and so got antsy when I saw them warming up something in the vicinity.
posted by praemunire at 1:15 PM on February 27

Watched this last night. Hadn't been out to the theater in a while and I kind of just figured, why not?

Absolutely one of the worst films I've seen in ages. Absolutely boring. I don't think there was a single setup or joke that landed, way too many characters and character plots that were thin and bland. There are bits and pieces where it almost works, they commit to some good gore but there's nothing else going on. It also has little bear cubs that are into the cocaine which I just found really sad and depressing?

I'd recommend Piranha 3-D or Deep Blue Sea as much better and cohesive films.
posted by Neronomius at 4:46 PM on February 28

I just saw it. It's definitely a movie that is married to the 80s, not just in terms of the aesthetic, but in terms of tropes and characters. I mean the 80s was the period of movies like Teen Wolf, Weird Science, Vibes, My Science Project, and Earth Girls are Easy. Taking a news story that happened in the 80s and turning into an 80s movie is brilliant.

My favorite part of the movie was actually the violent beginning part like the ambulance attack and the kids finding the bag-once I got passed the cop on the gazebo, for me most of the fun was over as it is just two groups racing to the bear cave. But again thanks to the 80s the movie ties itself up sweetly and quickly at an hour and a half so it's well paced.

I will say the one place it fell down was 80s lingo and references. I can see not wanting to go too hard on that, but the way the characters spoke was not very true to films of that era. But that's a pretty minor quibble.
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There is apparently an online petition for there to be a sequel named Meth Gator.
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Ecstasy Wolf. Acid Hog.
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Ecstasy wolf would not be horror though?
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Nyquil Hedgie
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Angel Dust Owl. Bath Salts Cougar.
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Keri Russell & Margo Martindale: The Americans reunion!
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The guy falling out of the sky with cocaine was also the main Drew Thompson plot of season 4 of Justified.
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Freebase Falcon.


Huffing Huffing Hippo.
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Yeah, this is definitely a “The Americans” reboot in my head. Good lord, it has 1980s Keri Russell hefting a sniper rifle whilst rescuing a kid named Henry. I assume she’s courting the physician because he’s a DoD contractor or something. 😁
posted by Mr. Excellent at 2:02 PM on March 3

Keri Russell & Margo Martindale: The Americans reunion!

Matthew Rhys cameo in the opening scenes!

I really enjoyed this! Bit too gory in some places but fun.
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It wasn’t perfect, but I had a hell of a lot of fun with this. I laughed really hard when Matthew Rhys was uncovered. Probably the only complaint I have is the section of the movie in the cave or whatever where it was way too dark.

I really really hope there’s a sequel with the mom and cubs on a quest for more cocaine. I could see that being a great straight to streaming thing for Netflix or somebody like that.
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