Project Wolf Hunting (2022)
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A group of dangerous criminals are being transported from the Philippines to South Korea on a cargo ship when one of the criminals stages a coup. But the criminals aren't the most dangerous thing on board the boat.

Exceedingly violent and gory, this movie currently boasts 88% at Rotten Tomatoes. Starring Seo In-guk, Jang Dong-yoon, Gwi-hwa Choi, and Dong-il Sung. Written and directed by Kim Hong-sun.
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According to director Hong-sun Kim, the production team used 2.5 tons of blood making this movie.

I'm in.
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That's a lot of blood. Like Dead Alive or the Evil Dead remake lot of blood. Added to the watch list!
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Like Dead Alive or the Evil Dead remake lot of blood.

Dead Alive only used 300 liters of blood. 6,500 liters of fake blood were spilled during the production Evil Dead Rise. This movie bested both of them with 7,078 liters of blood.
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*shocked Pikachu face*

*pushes it further up the watch list*
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Saw this back in October on the big screen at a multiplex that plays a fair amount of Korean cinema and had a blast. I really, really hope a sequel is in the works. My biggest issue with the movie is that the ending feels so abrupt I thought maybe it had been designed from the ground up as a multi-part story like Alienoid. That doesn't appear to be the case, though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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One of the reviews I read (I forget where now as I read a few) mentioned that the end seems perfect for a sequel so I hope we get one.

I gotta say I was sad when Seo-in Guk got murderized because I was enjoying him being deliciously evil.
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I'll be the bucket of cold blood on this one. A lot of the start of the movie is cops/guards being caught by surprise and then murdered with various guns/knives/wrenches/etcs. Like, maybe 20 of them are mostly helpless and then get cruelly murdered, one after another, for like 10 minutes? And then there's a super-human involved, and it goes around doing basically the same thing, murdering one powerless person every 30 seconds for another 15 minutes of run time. It didn't seem to have any real characterization, or plot, or much else of interest going on, it's just this long swathe of videodrome, with people who are essentially helpless being beaten to death one after another. I started pressing the skip-forward button a lot, so maybe there's something there for people who invest more in the movie, but at least one viewer glanced off of this one.
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If I learned anything by watching Italian horror from the 70s, it's that plot isn't always important.
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Probably best enjoyed after a few beers. The story does a bit of a From Dusk Till Dawn on a boat full of extreme criminals who are all, I have to say, more interesting than the Jason Voorhees dude who emerges from steering to annihilate them all in a flex of plot mechanics that I will probably never understand and am not especially worried about. It's not as outlandishly gruesome and exciting as The Sadness or as idiosyncratic and fun as any number of Takashi Miike films that do similar things, but it's pretty entertaining, IMO. The little dip into homophobia (the only sex scene is a murder boss of...some kind apparently facefucking a guy to death; plotwise, I think this is meant to show that the murder boss has Wolf Powers too, but that development doesn't lead anywhere) is cringey and not something you would see in a US film from 2022. I didn't really dig that. Mostly, I feel like this would be a good movie to show at a Halloween party, where people are kinda drifting in and out of the room just in time to catch a gnarly set-piece.
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This movie takes place in an alternate universe in which hunan beings are balloons full of blood.

Everyone in this movie who uses a firearm makes questionable decisions on when/how to use it.

I might have loved this if it were 95 minutes long.

Still good though.
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Seriously with the guns, though.

Just to pick one: there is a scene in which two bad guys with extended magazine automatic rifles empty every bullet they have into two guys (one of whom is on their side) while fully aware there are four cops with handguns crouched on the floor. Said cops hear the guys run out of bullets but do not attempt to shoot until well after they've had time to reload.

They also can't resist the current favorite Korean genre movie move of setting up the surprise sequel.

I'll see that too, though. These are stupid, but they're bloody and fun. The quality of the direction and FX makes up for the script and occasional pacing issues.
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I think the thing that annoyed me the most was the long clanging footsteps every time the creature took a step. That needed to be dialed way the fuck back.
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Damn it, missed the window to correct long to loud.
posted by miss-lapin at 11:13 AM on April 14, 2023

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