Top Chef: Rice, Rice, Baby
March 20, 2023 10:39 AM - Season 20, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Quickfire: a preposterously overcomplicated Ritz cracker hors d’œuvre. Elimination: rice dish for 100, please.

Poster’s observations:

Mei got some really nice time in the episode. Really lovely to learn more about her and bravo for her clear and heartfelt storytelling and impressive cooking!

Cooking all the way aside, Ali is fiiiiine.

Buddha was not expecting the result: anyone catch his “Dawn?!” when the bottom three came back in?
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This gets us caught up for new eps to be posted when they premiere. I’m not the best with consistency so feel free to make a post if you want to talk about an episode but it’s not up yet!
posted by sixswitch at 10:40 AM on March 20, 2023

Polish Sylvia: “Rice? Huh. I am potato girl.” You and me both.
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That smoked rice dish sounds amazing.

Also Dawn sometimes makes amazing food, and maybe it's just the edit, but she always stresses me out with how she approaches challenges. I hope Last Chance goes her way.
posted by Carillon at 11:06 AM on March 20, 2023

I liked the challenge. I can easily remember people going home for rice that wasn't risotto. I thought that Dawn was in trouble early on, choosing a rice that she might not be able to cook in time. With Amar's comment about how one note her dish was, I wasn't surprised that she was sent packing.
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Dawn has always been somewhat erratic. I expect she does better at her own restaurant(s), where she can perfect a relatively stable menu over time, than she does at TC. TC does not bring out the best qualities in every talented chef.
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I'm pretty sure Dawn was likely to go home last round, but they wanted to see more out of her because they knew her. It's too bad to see her go home so soon, but she couldn't find her groove.

With such a tight competition, most eliminations are gonna be close.

My early prediction: Buddha and Mei in the finals.
posted by hydra77 at 5:22 PM on March 20, 2023

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