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In the runup to the online premiere of the 23rd series of Time Team episodes (First up a look at a potential Knights Hospitaller that premieres on YouTube Friday March 24th at 7PM GMT / 2PM ET / 11AM PT on TimeTeamOfficial) - why not revisit the long running staple of British television?

Time Team has made a number of episodes available for free at their Time Team Classics Channel (https://www.youtube.com/TimeTeamClassics)

Time Team on JustWatch

What was your favorite episode? Discovery? Running Bit? Mick's Jumper?

This was an early pandemic comfort watch for me and really helped keep my brain going during those times. I was endless amused at the constant hopes for a new Roman villa.
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Related — does anyone know where one can find seasons 12-16 for streaming in the US? Amazon has seasons 1-11 and 17-20 (some with ads…) included with Prime, Apple only has the US version which… meh. Some episodes are available through the official Youtube channel and other less official channels but it would sure be nice to have all of the broadcast seasons available in a single spot.
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Not easily no - it's a weird hole in the online presence. probably due to contracts. Most of them are on youtube and even most of them are officially released. (66 total episodes, 1 missing, 17 unofficial, 48 on the official Time Team channel)

I'd still love to figure out the wherefores and whys behind what's been released to the channel.

S12E1 - The Manor That's Back to Front
S12E2 - The Monastery and the Mansion
S12E3 - The Bombers in the Marsh (unofficial)
S12E4 - Fighting On The Frontier
S12E5 - A Neolithic Cathedral?
S12E6 - In Search of Henry V's Flagship, Grace Dieu
S12E7 - Going Upmarket With The Romans
S12E8 - Picts And Hermits: Cave Dwellers Of Fife
S12E9 - Lost Centuries Of St Osyth
S12E10 - The Puzzle Of Picket's Farm
S12E11 - Norman Neighbours
S12E12 - Tower Blocks And Togas
S12E13 - Animal Farm

S13E1 - The Bodies In The Shed
S13E2 - Villas Out Of Molehills
S13E3 - Rubble At Mill
S13E4 - The First Tudor Palace?
S13E5 - The Boat On The Rhine
S13E6 - Court Of The Kentish King
S13E7 - The Monks' Manor
S13E8 - Castle In The Round
S13E9 - Sussex Ups And Downs
S13E10 - Birthplace Of The Confessor
S13E11 - Early Bath
S13E12 - The Taxmans' Tavern
S13E13 - Scotch Broch

S14E1 - Finds on the Fairway
S14E2 - There's No Place Like Rome
S14E3 - School Diggers
S14E4 - The Druids' Last Stand
S14E5 - Sharpe's Redoubt (unofficial)
S14E6 - A Port and Stilton
S14E7 - A Tale of Two Villages
S14E8 - No Stone Unturned
S14E9 - The Domesday Mill
S14E10 - The Cheyne Gang (unofficial)
S14E11 - Road to the Relics (unofficial)
S14E12 - The Abbey Habit
S14E13 - In the Shadow of the Tor
S14E14 - Pugin - The God of Gothic. (can't seem to find this one)

S15E1 - Gold in the Moat
S15E2 - Street Of The Dead
S15E3 - Bodies in the Dunes (unofficial)
S15E4 - The Naughty Nuns Of Northampton (unofficial - maybe my favorite title)
S15E5 - Mysteries Of The Mosaic (unofficial)
S15E6 - Blitzkreig On Shooter's Hill (unofficial)
S15E7 - Keeping Up With The Georgians
S15E8 - Saxons on the Edge
S15E9 - Fort Of The Earls (unofficial)
S15E10 - From Constantinople To Cornwall
S15E11 - Five Thousand Tons Of Stone
S15E12 - The Romans Recycle
S15E13 - Hunting King Harold

S16E1 - The Trouble with Temples
S16E2 - The Wedding Present, Scargill Castle (unofficial)
S16E3 - Hero's Hill
S16E4 - Toga Town (unofficial)
S16E5 - Blood, Sweat and Beers (unofficial)
S16E6 - Buried Bishops and Belfries (unofficial)
S16E7 - Anarchy in the UK (unofficial)
S16E8 - Mystery of the Ice Cream Villa (winner of great name, disappointing finds)
S16E9 - Hermit Harbour
S16E10 - Called to the Bar (unofficial)
S16E11 - Beacon on the Fens (unofficial)
S16E12 - The Hollow Way (unofficial)
S16E13 - Skeletons in the Shed
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Thanks for the heads-up. I love me some Time Team. I am a sucker for the banter and the recreations and the very stagy intra-team rivalries. And Phil’s gross claw fingernails.
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All this in just three days!

Peak Brit competency comfort food.
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I do wish cranky old Phil (who good lord looks like a baby in the first season) would show up, but Tony is popping up to do a few specials on the Youtube at least and there's apparently some bonus content being created out of some of the team's summer digs in Greece.
Peak Brit competency comfort food.
Ain't it just?
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And Phil’s gross claw fingernails.

Good ol' Phil. He is lovingly referred to as "Rat Man" in our house. We are big fans of Time Team.
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Oh yes.
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FYI - First episode link is up - show starts at 12PT. I'll post an episode discussion on Sunday after Part 3 premieres.

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Thanks for posting those links, at least one of those unofficial ones was one I hadn’t seen. I’ll check out the others later!
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A few months ago, our family (two adults, one four year old), stumbled across Time Team for the first time. For the last few months, most of our family tv time has been focused around watching Time Team. It's helped sparked a big interest in archaeology in our kid (he went from being focused on digging up dinosaur bones to digging up Roman relics) and it's just generally, fun tv to watch. When compared to the short lived North America set Time Team, the chemistry of the show really stands out, especially Tony's hosting/narration. It's just a great set of personalities, and jorts, can't forget the jorts.

BIG THANK YOU drewbage1847 for the remaining episode information. We'd about exhausted our available episodes.

It's been a bit sad in the last two seasons as the producers phased out some of the familiar faces like Stewart (stomping around with his expert eye for evidence of this or that) or even Victor, who's illustrations (and background presence with his art supplies) helped bring a warmth to the re-imagining that the fancy computer generated material lacked. This before Mick finally pulled out.

We definitely need to check out the most recent episodes, such as the one posted the other day.
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Atreides, you're welcome. Time Team definitely help me keep a grip during the pandemic, which is when I discovered it.

It is a soothing show even as it tackles some really interesting stories, with not always interesting finds in the ground. Even when there are disagreements and drama, it's the sort of academic disagreement. The only big ones that stand out to me were things like permit allowances and the one tree guy who refused to share his data.

The chemistry between Tony, Mick and Phil was a key to the success of the whole thing, but I think the new episodes are settling into their own thing and I'll happily watch all of it.
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