Sweet Home: Sweet Home-Full 1st Season
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In the wake of a huge personal tragedy, a young man finds himself trapped in his apartment building with his fellow neighbors fighting to survive as humanity turns into monsters.

Hyun, a loner high school student who lost his entire family in a terrible accident, is forced to move into an apartment just in time to face a new reality where monsters are trying to wipe out humanity. As his neighbors fight to stay alive, they discover that Hyun is resistant to fully becoming a monster.
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Form the poster style, I'm guessing Netflix? Sounds like my kinda thing.

Are you enjoying it?
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This is actually my second time watching it. I watched the first time when it came out in 2020. I remember enjoying it but very little else about it so now I'm rewatching it and remembering why I enjoyed it so much. Pretty interesting monster design and good cgi, unique characters, doesn't tread too much on tropes.

I did forget to mention that the series does contain scenes of bullying, suicide, and child abuse. In addition, of course, to monsters eating people.

I'm about half way done with my rewatch so I'll post another comment when I'm finished. Oh and yes it's Netflix.
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(For a moment I confused this show with Sweet Tooth, which, yeah, there's some tonal difference there.)
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So I'm at ep 9 now (10 eps per season) and yeah there is some hand wavy shit-a character out of nowhere reveals they are former special forces (oh how conveeeeeeeeeeenient that in 9 episodes of fighting monsters this was NEVER MENTIONED). A new threat suddenly arrived in e8 because the characters had figured out kinda how to deal with the monster menace so a new threat was needed I guess? I was just thinking how this show didn't really have a lot of people turning on each other. They saved it all for the last 3 episodes.
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Also note: this is based on the 2018-ish webcomic of the same name (presented in reverse order of chapters, so the first entries are on the second page). The vibe of desperate isolation butting up against finding yourself in a paranoid micro-community of folks sharing your space, while contesting with a completely inscrutable and frequently-mutating threat all around... well, it definitely hit home around 2020 or so.
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(apparently the webtoons.com page now requires registration to read past chapter 14, which explains why the other 126 chapters weren't showing up for me..)
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I remember loving this when I watched it in lockdown because it really does capture metaphorically that period of time. So watching it again is...interesting. Found the last three episodes...pissed me off this time. The sudden reveal of special forces is a facile writing moment to justify the finale, which came from left field to me. I can see how watching then batshittery of things continuing to happen in completely unexpected ways would work for me in 2020. This time around it felt more like the writers forcing plot points without setting them up.

It never shied away from killing off well loved characters, but in the finale a lot of characters are killed/die pretty randomly. Like oh it's the finale we got to have a big body count, but some of them don't feel earned. More like "We need to pare down the character list for next season and new people. Examples to follow.

**I know I don't need to warn, but there be spoilers here.**

Du Sik's death feels earned. He knows he's turning and chooses to sacrifice himself to save Hyun. This feels very much in keeping with most of the series-that these characters continue to have compassion for each other even when one is a literal monster. There is some selfishness and fear, but nowhere near what one would expect in such a circumstance. The compassion for each other is really touching and a major reason why I loved the series especially since compassion was hard to find for me at that time irl.

Seop Ahn's death, however, is just facile. Dude dies in his sleep after basically finding the tunnel the group needs to escape and his body will remain in the building. He earlier laments those who are buried in the building as unable to escape even in death. Giving him that same fate is just cruel. If I was feeling generous, I could say "He held out until he found what he wanted" but it just feels like they killed him off to make room for a new character next season.

This may be colored by the fact I really loved both Du Sik and Seop Ahn so losing BOTH those characters is upsetting. As a fan of horror having a disabled character and an elderly character be key parts to survival was part of what I loved about the show so having them both die is disappointing.

Anyway, despite all my bitching, overall I still think it's worth watching and I hope they release season 2 soon.
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I forgot to add that it's already been confirmed there will be a season 3 as well as a season 2.
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Ah, I guess S2 is about to be released so yes I'm here to say I also watched this! It reminded me quite a bit of the movie The Mist (specifically, trying to defend, then escape from, a semi-"safe" haven embedded within an increasingly terrifying monster apocalypse + "oh shit, people are monsters too").

I'm a big fan of dystopian fiction in general and will watch virtually anything that includes zombies in it, probably to my own detriment. I do love seeing how other cultures and countries handle these types of stories vs. American writers, since the "rugged individualism" archetype is not especially helpful in these scenarios.

I enjoyed the first 9ish episodes and then got a bit worn out by this show, probably because I watched a ton of TV and movies during the pandemic with similar themes. But yeah, I'm definitely down to check out S2 as well. I think I got distracted by Alice in Borderland (S1 of that show came out about the same time in 2020 on Netflix) and still haven't finished S2 of that, either.
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