Game Changer: Escape the Greenroom
March 24, 2023 7:40 AM - Season 5, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Brennan Lee Mulligan, Siobhan Thompson, and Lou Wilson are locked in the greenroom and must get out before a bomb levels the studio!

Featuring time travel! Attempted bribery! Brute force lock defeat measures!
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I discovered this show via TikTok and finally plonked down a subscription fee just in time for COVID to let me finish watching the entire run. The whole thing is good, and by the time I got to season 4, I was worried at all the rehashes and episodes that were more or less "Do some improv!" Even the Bachelor episode was fun, but largely because of Grant.

Then this one struck like a lightning bolt. My favorite episodes are the ones where the contestants have to figure it out as they go along, and throwing in the "plot" of Sam's great-grandfather being a mad scientist paid off perfectly.
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Oooooh are we doing Dropout shows on here now? Because I love all of Game Changer, and holy moly if we start going down the Dimension 20 rabbit hole we'll need to start a subpage of FanFare to prevent flooding the main, heh.

As far as this episode goes, the pure destructive chaos energy that Lou starts with was an utter delight... before the context of their situation has even fully set in, he just obliterates that guitar because it was there and he could. Being an attendee of an escape room and treating it like a rage room? Masterful. The behind-the-scenes ep after this goes into some fun detail of how the crew approached creating the entire operation, and just how much editing was required to help the 'time travel evil relative' plot present to the audience properly because the actual participants were just a mad dervish ransacking the place.
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This was indeed a great episode but in terms of episodes this season that had me falling out of my chair laughing nothing comes close to topping Name A Number.
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As far as this episode goes, the pure destructive chaos energy that Lou starts with was an utter delight...

I work really hard at avoiding parasocial attachments and Lou Wilson routinely and casually demolishes my commitment to doing so.
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