Beef: Full Season 1
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Two people let a road rage incident burrow into their minds and slowly consume their every thought and action.

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I really enjoyed this! Excellent meditation on the destructive nature of repressed anger, Steven Yeun was brilliant as always, Ali Wong was so good, Lee Sung Jin was fantastic for a first time series creator and showrunner, I can’t believe David Choe (Isaac) had never acted before, and love that he did the paintings for each episode’s title credits!
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Trigger warning for attempted suicide in this series.
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I am not big on bingeing shows, but I was up till one am finishing this. I'm stunned by how good it is.
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I watched it over 2 days and also stayed up till 1am finishing it!
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There's so much about this show that I loved, but the part that made me straight up gasp was when they started talking about the crows and the Dick Cheney mask, because I remember that story! (Sadly paywalled NYT link here.)
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Archive link for the NYT story.
Love that it was true!
The crows bit in the last episode was very rocks in EEAAO without spoilers for that movie!
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i have not finished this yet but I'm absolutely loving it. I don't know why it's so engaging to watch two characters continually make the absolute worst decisions over and over again but Ali Wong and Steven Yeun are utterly mesmerizing in this.
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I thought this was really good. Brilliant performances all round.
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This was really difficult to watch. Though, I did like that ending. I started watching episode two fresh off of finishing the book Hidden Valley Road, and the intensity of those two stories brought up some painful memories and I had to walk away from the show for a few days.

But I could feel the power of this show pulling me back, and while it didn't really get any easier to watch, I'm glad I returned. I wouldn't call it a redemption story, but that ending was what I really, really needed from this show.
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Loved it. I've heard that it's good for rewatching, so I think I want to try and put the end next to the beginning. Oh, and I don't know if I fell asleep but it seemed like Danny just popped up with the new truck and I only figured out the "Isaac's money" part afterward? Did that coincide with him rocking everybody's world at the church?

And just so I have this right, pretty much everybody wound up [click for spoiler] in jail except for Amy, Danny, Paul and both halves of Maria Bello? And Mia, and Naomi, and etc...Isaac, Bobby, Michael, and George?

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So can I just say that I started watching this under solely the pretense "comedy about a road rage incident gone awry" and that left me WHOLLY UNPREPARED? My lord. This show is outstanding but VERY STRESSFUL and I don't know how y'all can stand to binge watch it. My nervous system couldn't possibly handle it. Just finished ep 7 last night, I both cannot wait and am dreading to see what's next.
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