Kids vs. Aliens (2022)
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An all-time rager of a teen house party turns to terror when aliens attack forcing a small group of kids to battle for survival.

Gary's work on his latest home movie, involving the cool wrestling moves of his older sister Sam, is interrupted by Billy, a popular teenage boy and his friends. While Sam has always supported her brother before, suddenly she's too busy to film with him and Gary breaks his arm landing him in the hospital. Their parents ground Sam and tell her she has to watch her brother during Halloween.

But Billy has other plans like using their house for a killer Halloween party. Of course, things go badly. If kids vomiting in kitchen drawers isn't awful enough, Gary humiliates Sam by revealing (via drone cam) that Billy can't stand her and is just using her to throw the party.

And the flesh melting aliens arrive.

Jason Eisener's latest feature length film is based on his 14 minute short Alien Abduction Slumber Party.
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I'm all over the place with this movie because despite loving it, I absolutely recognize its flaws.

The first things I'm going to say is this is NOT the Monster Squad. The movie is pretty damn harrowing considering the majority of the characters are kids and teenagers. Lots of viewers seem to take exception to these kids cursing, which I find odd as I found the cursing totally believable.

Having said that the intro to the action feels rushed. We go from Sam meeting Billy to being totally in his thrall in minutes. I know teens fall quick and hard, but it's too quick. The same goes for how easily Sam gets talked into letting Billy use their home for a banger while their parents gone.

And then the aliens arrive and goopity a goo goo ensues while Billy reveals that being a shitty bf is really the least of his character flaws. The movie moves too quickly for the viewer to really ponder if things make sense or not. The ending, however, is not satisfying but seems very open to a sequel.

Oh and watch to the very end of the credits. The very very end.
posted by miss-lapin at 6:11 PM on April 14, 2023

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