Sweet Tooth: Season Two
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With Gus and his friends confined to the Essex Zoo, only an epic confrontation will determine the futures of Gus, Big Man, Aimee, and the rest of the hybrid crew.
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We're three episodes in, so far very enjoyable! I had forgotten about the purple flowers in season one, which is weird since they seem to be a big element in this series. Christian Convery does a great job playing Gus, he's grown into the role and appears much more believable. Series one, things were happening to him, and in series two he's taking more control - doing instead of just being.
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It has been renewed for a third (and final) season. Final because it completes the arc of the comic.
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finally finished up season two, i liked this one a lot! plot moved along at a good pace, the acting is much better, and the characters more established and settled. There was drama, excitement, and tragedy. I like where it ended and am glad to know that it is renewed for a third season - and that it will wrap up after that as well.
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It felt like the escape from the zoo was leading up to something bigger or more chaotic than it ended up being, with no less than what, 4 different escapes all happening at the same time? Jepp, Aimee, Gus and Bear all were planning separate things and it all just sort of happened.

I'm going to miss hipster Santa, but given where the story is going it's clear they had to shed some of the cast that has accumulated over the past 2 seasons. (Speaking of, it's mildly annoying that the IMDB cast list is terribly incomplete. Like I'm _pretty sure_ that was Rosalind Chao? And she has a guest starring credit, but IMDB only has a weird selection of cast listed.)

I can't remember whether Hybrids were becoming the "new" population, or if Aimee's "kids" were about the extent of the local hybrid population. Like, would any hybrid-dependent cure or treatment have ever stood a chance in hell _anyway_ due to simple population dynamics?
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