A Life On The Farm (2022)
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Somerset, England, 2006. Young Oscar Harding's family discovers a mysterious VHS tape made by their neighbor Charles Carson, shutting it, alarmed, off just ten minutes in. Years later, Harding finds the tape and goes down an obsessive rabbit hole upon viewing its bizarre content, including scenes of Carson and his farm, explicit footage of calves being born, comic bits of horses stealing his hat, and footage of deceased loved ones.

Ana ward-winning documentary by Oscar Harding.

94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Just now hitting streaming services and not yet updated on JustWatch. I found it on Google TV/Play.
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This is one of the very best films of last year for me. *****/*****.

Oh, and here's the trailer.
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I've been keen to watch this since I first started seeing the reviews but sadly no streaming other than the digital rental/buy options (at least in Canada). It has a physical release July 18th if anyone cares.
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