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May 15, 2023 10:01 AM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Sam and Tricia finally tell Mary Jo why they're temporarily moving her from the care facility. After accidentally blowing his own cover stalking Brad, Joel opens up about his personal crisis stemming from Fred's upcoming wedding.

Somebody Somewhere Recap: Mother’s Day [Vulture / Archive]
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Why didn’t Joel tell Sam he stalked and hung out with SLS?? Such a minor thing that passed without notice, but it seems it will be very significant to their relationship.

I get sad every time the show states that Sam and Trish’s dad is on vacation. I know the point of the show is how they deal with their mom, and adding a subplot about their dad dying would ruin it, but still.
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It’s mentioned in the recap above, they have quite a codependent relationship, remember when Joel tried to bring up a friend he thought Sam would like and she didn’t want to hear it?
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My read: Joel loves Sam, but he also knows how much of her “I don’t need anyone, I’m fine alone” attitude is a defense mechanism. (Example: needing to end the singing lessons because of the feelings they stirred up.)

Joel forming a connection with someone that’s not Sam could hugely destabilize a relationship that’s very important to him.

I think he’ll tell her eventually, but he’s being very careful until he knows more about where things are headed with pastor guy and has figured out how to tell her.
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I liked the line about "church is where you go when you're confused."
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I feel like Sam's fondness for alcohol should be a red flag for her, especially given her mother's history with it.
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