Darklands (1996)
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A disgraced journalist investigating a crime at a local church finds himself drawn into an even bigger mystery involving pagan practices.

Frazer Truick (Craig Fairbrass), a journalist, left London in disgrace and now works for a paper in a small industrial town. When he's assigned a new colleague, Rachael (Rowena King), he takes her with him to investigate an incident where a slaughtered pig was left on the altar of a church. Rachel claims she has a local informant who has gone missing, and she wonders if it's tied to the incident.

But as Craig investigates, he finds only deeper and darker mysteries that involve him and those around him.

Written and directed by Julian Richards.
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Easily dismissed as a Wicker Man knock off, I really enjoyed this movie. It has touches of other films like Rosemary's Baby and The Omen. The staging of the druidic rituals as involving punk sensibilities was well designed.

Sure there are some laughable elements like a Craig claiming to be a native of Wales with a cockney accent, but I found it thoroughly entertaining.

Richards directed another forgotten favorite of mine, The Last Horror Movie. I need to dig that one up now.
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Reelgood says Shudder has it right now.
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