A Little Romance (1979)
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(Trailer) An American teenager living in Paris meets and falls in love with a local.

Intellectually precocious teenager Lauren King (Diane Lane) lives in Paris with her somewhat ditzy mother (Sally Kellerman). On a movie set, she strikes up a friendship with teenage film buff Daniel Michon (Thelonious Bernard). After Lauren's mother forbids her to date the outspoken Daniel, the young lovebirds team up with eccentric pickpocket Julius (Laurence Olivier) to run away to Venice, where, according to legend, a couple who kiss under the Bridge of Sighs will stay together forever.

Director: George Roy Hill
Writers: Allan Burns, Patrick Cauvin, George Roy Hill

72% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

Not currently streaming, according to JustWatch, but pops up on TCM occasionally.
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Oh my god, I'm kind of afraid to rewatch this as an adult because I found it so utterly charming when I saw it as a young teen and I'm not sure I want to disrupt the warm glow of memory. Also, I believe this was where I discovered Vivaldi's music.
posted by rmd1023 at 5:04 PM on May 22, 2023 [6 favorites]

yeah, I too was so charmed by this back when I was a teen. no idea if it holds up, but I hope it does!
posted by supermedusa at 7:18 AM on May 23, 2023

Pretty sure I saw this on HBO way back when. Wild that the male lead did nothing else then this; wonder if he tells people that he starred in a movie with Diane Lane and no one believes him?
posted by octothorpe at 5:12 AM on May 24, 2023 [2 favorites]

Love this movie!! Funny, I just read the French book it was based on (follows it pretty closely). I saw it when I was about Diane Lane’s age, and 1) wondered why everyone was making a big deal about the pickpocket guy; 2) Yeah, feel sad that it was Thelonious Bernard’s only film; 3) to this day, my sister and I occasionally say “God!” in Natalie’s voice when reacting to something; 4) Felt dumb in trying to relate to Lane, thinking I was supposed to read philosophy or something; and 5) to this day I think of Lane as the girl from A Little Romance. Sometimes you see a movie at just the right age sweet spot, and it sticks with you for life.
posted by Melismata at 12:09 PM on June 18, 2023

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