Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023)
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Miles Morales catapults across the Multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-People charged with protecting its very existence. When the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles must redefine what it means to be a ...
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Fantastic movie! But aaargh that cliffhanger!
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Yes! I didn't know there was a #3 planned and was wondering how they were going to tie things up and then it was like "LOL WE'RE NOT, BYE".

I loved this! I laughed, I cried! I loved how much was in it - about parenthood, about impostor syndrome, about fate and choice and capitalism and excellence, plus just how truly funny it was. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much watching a movie. "I DON'T BELIEVE IN CONSISTENCY" is definitely going to become a personal catchphrase. When Miles endorses baby powder and then had to apologize and the chyron said "BABY POWDER BAD"! Oh my god! And speaking as a parent who read How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk when my child was preverbal too, I have to say, they hit such a specific and super deep character note having Peter Parker falling asleep over that particular book. There were so many tiny little decisions made in this movie that took that much care. It's a triumph.

But I gotta say, my first comment leaving the theater was "they ought to be paying Dan Harmon royalties." So many of the multiverse trappings were strikingly similar to Rick & Morty concepts. I guess at this point it's hard to even tell a multiverse story without going someplace R&M has already gone, so why not shamelessly crib from the best? But I feel bad that show won't get the credit it deserves, same as it didn't during the EEAAO hype cycle, for exploring the possibilities of so much of the storytelling space, and the emotional potential of that space, that modern multiverse entertainments are using.
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I took Fleebnork Jr to the movie yesterday evening. We both really enjoyed it. He called the "wrong universe" cliffhanger almost immediately. Sharp kid.
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I'm so mad I don't have this movie digitally so I can go through it slowly for all the things I know I missed. What a beautiful work of art. Casting, art direction, music, pacing, sound design. Absolutely everything was hitting on all cylinders.

I do see how people who never knew, or forgot it was always pitched as a 2 part movie would feel a little frustrated. But I am completey amped for next spring.
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I went to a fairly crowded showing and there was a huge collective groan at the ending, followed by some applause. I don't think most people were expecting it.

I think Infinity War got people a bit more used to the cliffhanger endings though. I was really pissed off at that: they'd hinted at time travel so I thought it was just going to be a year's wait and then "OK we went back in time and undid everything". In fact they were a bit cleverer than that with some rules being set up for it.
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Yeah our theater last night was a full house and there was definitely a collective "what!!" at the end.
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Just saw it today here in Copenhagen (back home now after 3 months in Kuala Lumpur) and it was AMAZING! The dialogue in spanish did not get danish subtitles, so I was the only one that laughed which was funny in a whole other way.
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I don't think I've seen a movie before with end credits that are a nightmare of the protagonist's fears instead of a celebratory montage. While also being beautiful.
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I was not prepared for how much they had upped their animation game from the already sky-high standards of the first movie. This thing was freaking gorgeous.
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Yeah this was really good. I was not aware at all of the two part nature, but the film was so good that I dont mind too much. Just really funny, emotionally smart, and brilliant, engaging action scenes. Loved spider punk!
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It helps that I went in knowing it was Part 1, but I was pretty satisfied with the ending--Gwen reconciling with her dad in a way that saves him from the Canon Curse and frees her to go help Miles and then showing up with Pavitr Prabhakar AND Spider Punk AND all our friends from the first movie was a great balance for the excellent cliffhanger reveals Miles was left with (that callback to Miles tying and interrogating Peter B. from the first movie, like OF COURSE Miles Prowler did it the same way). Every single detail in this movie is SO GOOD.
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How did you approach creating unique themes for each universe?
[They] did a presentation of all the different art-style approaches in the movie, which was phenomenal, talking about all the different techniques, from the sort of Syd Mead-inspired concept design that 2099’s world is very inspired by, to the watercolor drips of Gwen’s world. For me doing the music, I’m also trying to approach each world with a different palette and a different technique and a different approach. In this film, I’m playing off the palette and textures of Gwen’s world, which are a lot more dreamy. She’s kind of influenced by a ’90s, 2000s indie pop, synth-y, grungy kind of world, but with an art style that is incredibly dreamy, and slightly abstract.

The ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ Score Even Features a Goose
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I agree with everyone else how gorgeous this is. I was absolutely blown away by the visuals. Also agree that this was so funny throughout. I loved Hobie (who lived up to the build-up for him!) Spider-Baby, Spider-Kitty, and the fact that no matter what universe it is, J. Jonah Jameson is always J.K. Simmons.

I look forward to the sequel, and also the female-focused spinoff that's in the works. (I hope Jessica Drew's in it.)
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Just stunning. The animation was consistently outstanding and inventive, especially Gwen’s world. Pixar in shambles!
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I left the movie absolutely shaking. Not in a bad way. I’ll definitely be seeing it again. There was. Just. So. Much. To take in. I think both the movie and myself forgot to breathe in places.
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Loved it hard, even more so than GotGV3. I think that I kind of guessed that they weren't going to wrap things up neatly at the end, in part because there were still too many balls in the air but also because of the similarly cliff-hangery ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home. This one, though, had more hope, especially with the Gwen Squad getting together. And plenty of LOLs, almost too many to pick one out, although, of course, we got a certain live-action actor from the MCU. (And live-action movie mini-clips, although I don't remember if we got any of Tom Holland, we did get some with the other Spiders-Man.) And, as someone whose last regular consumption of print Spider-Media was the possible-future Spider-Girl (which, I believe, has now been retconned out of possible mainstream Marvel Universe continuity), we got Spider-Baby May, who was positively delightful. The appeal of movies on physical media fades year-by-year, but this is one that I'll be getting on Blu-Ray ASAP.

Oh, and Spider-Punk is best Spider.
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Pavitr Prabhakar was my favorite this time. He was so cute and excitable and I loved his yoyo style with the bracelets. And his gorgeous costume.

Is Miguel such a dick in the comics too? I don't quite understand the mechanism of making a whole universe dissolve by living in it but then Spider-Man science is not bound by real science rules.

I loved the ending. Evil Miles!
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Miles, that bagel really hit The Spot.
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I have a colleague named Gayathri and when Pavitr Prabhakar introduced his love interest I was like "man, I bet having the same first name as the girlfriend of a spider-man probably wasn't on her bingo card for 2023"
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Oh my god! This was amazing all through out. I loved this so much. The opening fight scene was so well done, so many movies seem to forget that film is a visual medium! And we learned so much through the fight, there was great exposition, but the animation! I was legit worried that the rest of the film wouldn't live up that first scene.The way they use the medium is so stunning. And it got better from there, the scenes with Gwen and her dad later were legit, they're not afraid to smear the background, or even turn it into geometric shapes to show the emotional truths in the scene! I can't believe how well this came to light, and where the first one was awesome, this viisuals in this were spot on.
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I want to watch this film frame-by-frame just to be able to see everything that you miss as it flies by at 24/second.
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I'm so mad I don't have this movie digitally so I can go through it slowly for all the things I know I missed.

Yes, this! But also for subtitles, because the sound mixing was unfortunately kind of horrible. There were a few characters where I caught about half their dialogue.
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I think this two-part movie is also going to end up being about what it means to be a fan of Spider-Man for 60 years. Do I want to see the same plot points told over and over with different artists and actors? How different can Spider-Man be and still be Spider-Man? Do I even care about that?
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Jaw dropping beautiful and dazzling, with a metric fuckton of heart and character!
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There were a few characters where I caught about half their dialogue.

If one of them was Hobie I think that was on purpose.
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The kids and I saw this at the weekend and all thought it was phenomenal. While it was never going to recapture the magic novelty of the first film, it retains its spark and freshness.

It can be overwhelming at times in terms of velocity and just the sheer amount of stuff going on, but I'm learning that that's something I generally really enjoy (see also beginnings of The Lego Movie and Tenet, and Everything Everywhere All at Once). I found it exhilarating, and moving, and funny (to the chagrin of my children, who complained about how loud I laughed).

About the only thing that I could find fault with is the sound - echoing what has been said above, the dialogue did seem muffled in places, especially during the first section of the film. Not to the point that I couldn't work out what was being said, but almost. I don't know whether it was the mix for IMAX or what.

On the other hand, there's so much that I enjoyed in the film that picking just one thing as my favourite would be churlish. So anyway it's Spider-Punk. Here's Daniel Kaluuya talking about the role (amongst other things) and a little bit about how they managed to distinctively animate him even compared to all the other also pretty well differentiated Spider-People.
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This was such a joy. It exceeded my already high expectations, I had a great time, and I would call it my movie of the year so far ...if only it were a full movie.

What a disappointment.
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During Gwen's opening monologue, I could understand so little of what she was saying that I was debating going out to the cashier and asking for a refund so that I could buy tickets for a captioned show, or just telling them "Hey, I think something's wrong with the sound mixing." After that it did get better - I still missed a fair amount of dialogue, but it got better.

But what I noticed was just how important listening is in this movie. How many times the parents could have listened, and instead talked louder, shut down conversation. How much of this movie is about Miles and Gwen telling their parents, "If I am honest about who I am, will you believe me? Will you accept me? Will you even be able to hear what I'm telling you?"

And I'm not trying to say that the bad sound mixing is actually good because it's for important thematic reasons, but... that bit of it, I kind of liked. That signal to really work hard at listening.

Loved it. That cliffhanger hit so hard, though, that I was Googling the release date of the next one before the credits even started rolling.
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Per Variety, Sony has sent an updated version of the film fixing some sound mixing issues (primarily the opening scene with Gwen that Jeanne mentioned) to all theaters.
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Loved it! I kept putting off going to see it because of persistent headaches, and that was the right call, but I'm glad I got to sneak in a premium-format viewing.

He called the "wrong universe" cliffhanger almost immediately. Sharp kid.

You can see "Earth-42" come up on the screen before he goes. I'm blanking on our Miles's number, but I knew it wasn't 42.
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Hobie, btw.
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I'm blanking on our Miles's number, but I knew it wasn't 42.

They’d also showed the spider that bit him as coming from 42. I almost asked Mr Nat if the go-home machine measured the spider or the human, but I kept quiet.

I loved the footnotes. I wish I could read them all fast enough though. Don’t know that I’ve ever watched a movie with footnotes before.
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They’d also showed the spider that bit him as coming from 42.

Right, that was my memory of the lab also (being a nerd of a certain generation, 42 is a number that sticks in the head), but there was a lot of info coming at the viewer at all times.
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I loved this movie so much! Can’t wait to rewatch on a TV and pause for all the on-screen notes.

Who Are All These Spider-People? [Vulture / Archive]
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Oh god, I just realized, the pregnant Spider-Woman: they wanted the baby's gender to be a surprise, so they haven't done an ultrasound, right?

Is - is her child human? Or, like, a *bunch* of spiders? Like, a distressing number?
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But I gotta say, my first comment leaving the theater was "they ought to be paying Dan Harmon royalties." So many of the multiverse trappings were strikingly similar to Rick & Morty concepts. I guess at this point it's hard to even tell a multiverse story without going someplace R&M has already gone, so why not shamelessly crib from the best?

You're getting it backwards.

Comics had been exploring that space for decades before Rick & Morty. Harmon is a huge comics nerd (Scud: The Disposable Assassin, anyone?) and undoubtedly was exposed to a lot of the concepts he'd use in R&M from comics.
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I was mesmerized by the first 20 minutes, which it turns out is not a universal judgment, but (even aside form the character stuff) Gwen's 'verse looks like a very pretty Rod Reis comic with Barbie colors. I could watch that kind of thing for days.

Literally everything was perfect. I guess it dragged a little compared to the first movie, but with a gun to my head I could not tell you what to cut. Miles fighting with his parents was perfect; I expected them to get his fight with his parents right, but I loved the scenes showing how mortifying (for the party guests) to be witness that kind of fight between people you care for.

I can't wait for the next film. It doesn't seem right that they're going to write the Spiderpersons as fully trapped by fate...but even if they were, surely Miles would have an out on preventing the death of his dad because SpiderMiles is apparently an anti-canon event.
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I guess it dragged a little compared to the first movie, but with a gun to my head I could not tell you what to cut.

I think its willingness to build big quiet moments was a real strength.
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There is so much to explore in this movie! We were in the Xtreme or whatever theater, one step below IMAX, and the previews were very loud but the movie was a half step too quiet. I literally cannot recall the last time I felt a movie was too quiet, so whatever they fixed was still not quite right this Sunday morning. We tried to get an IMAX showing and they were featuring Transformers! The movie that is edited to be watched on your phone! Very disappointing on that front. The soundtrack overall wasn't 100% on point the way the first movie's was, but it was still excellent.

I felt like the balance of this movie was off to a certain extent, we don't really get to see Miles in school, which was a rich vein in the first movie and could have been developed more. Did we really need all of the multiversal earths? Also while Miles's drawings are a plot point and he slaps a bunch of sticker tags everywhere, we don't get to see him making art, just the results. I missed watching his process. Those are two nitpicky things that I, personally, missed, though I don't envy the writers and director trying to shoehorn in the sheet volume of characters and universes.

What we got were, as noted above, big quiet moments. These were done really, really well. I was almost in tears a couple of times, and not at the traditionally dramatic "save the world by waging war" scenes. And of course, in this movie, we got to see so much more of Gwen. The scenes with her father were a short film allegory of the trans experience, no? It got kicked off with the "Protect Trans Kids" sign in her bedroom, and she agonizes about hiding who she really is, both in terms of clothes and identity. She has to contend with wether to tell her generally well-meaning dad, ultimately concludes she can't, and feels so isolated because of that. I'm not trans or queer but the color scheme in her world is the trans flag, fer crying out loud!

One other thing, why doesn't Gwen carry her world's art style into the other worlds, the way the other Spiders Men do? It would have been a stunningly effective easter egg if she had that dreamy style in the first movie, which we would have interpreted as Miles's falling for her, not that she was from another dimension. In any case, it's a gorgeous style and my kid loved the way almost nothing in her world is literal, it's all emotional.

Anyway, the original is one of my top 5 movies of all time, it was an almost impossible task to live up to it, and by and large the creators succeeded. Can't wait!
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wnissen, Decider sees the trans allegory too.
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i am totally here for trans Spider Gwen

they said it about as loudly as they could without saying it
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RL finally let me up a bit to finally watched it, and part 2 is even more of a Gwen story than I expected, which I adored. What a delight to still be able to catch it in the cinema. I think international releases didn't mark the non-english dialogue for translation because mine also didn't translate the Spanish dialogue.

And live-action movie mini-clips, although I don't remember if we got any of Tom Holland, we did get some with the other Spiders-Man

Well, no one remembered him right? :D the only shout-out they gave to his last movie was referring it as a thing with Dr Strange. At this rate Andrew Garfield is in technically more Spidey multiverses lol.
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What a beautiful movie.

So many of the multiverse trappings were strikingly similar to Rick & Morty concepts

Interdimensional Council of Reeds, Fantastic Four #570, August 2009 (five years before Rick & Morty first did it).
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"I think international releases didn't mark the non-english dialogue for translation because mine also didn't translate the Spanish dialogue."

I saw it in English and the Spanish dialogue was untranslated and unsubtitled, so I think that was the intent.
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Thinking about it some more, Miguel, maybe secretly stepping in to pretend you were your alt-self who was murdered wouldn't have been harmless even if that universe hadn't glitched out!!!

Just could not love Hobie more.

A really sweet moment was Miles stopping to pedir la bendición from Rio just before he went off after Gwen. That's very Dominican, and they didn't stop to explain it for other audiences but you could infer the emotional content.
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I loved this so much. My jaw was on the floor the whole time. Into the Spider-Verse is my favorite movie of the 21st century and there's a strong argument that this one surpasses it, though the first one's more self-contained story is a big point in its favor.

I'm so curious about the audio issues and/or lack thereof now, after reading others' experiences. I saw it a few days ago (so, more than a week into its run) in a standard theatre. At first I thought it sounded overall quieter than I expected, but not in a bad way. It was notable by today's standards that the music and SFX didn't overpower the dialogue.

My TikTok feed has been like 65% Spider-Verse since I saw it, and one video that keeps popping up is a compilation of Hobie's lines with subtitles, implying others had trouble understanding him? But I didn't at all, even though I usually turn on subtitles for media featuring accents like his. And yes, any Spanish/Spanglish dialogue was not subtitled either, here in New Jersey. I figured they wanted you to experience it as though you were there--if you had some basic Spanish, you'd catch most of it, and if you didn't, it'd wash over you but you'd still get the emotion. But the film didn't skimp on impactful music or SFX, either. The whole thing was a feast for the senses while making it surprisingly easy to follow the details. Incredibly impressive.

I foresaw the detour to Earth-42, but didn't think far enough ahead to even guess what Miles would find there. Such a good reveal.
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What an amazing movie! Loved everything but the ending. Springing that on us felt cheap, somehow.

As the parent of a preschooler, slightly disappointed that among the hundreds of Spider-Cameos they didn't seem to include the characters of the Disney Junior Spidey and His Amazing Friends (2021). I demand that it fit into canon, somehow. Although if that means they have to kill off Disney Junior Gwen's mom, maybe it's better it doesn't.

I saw the system send Miles back to 42, and I thought was the spider's universe number, but my first thought was I must have misunderstood it. Nope! The subsequent scenes were nicely done.
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"I loved the footnotes. I wish I could read them all fast enough though. Don’t know that I’ve ever watched a movie with footnotes before."

I just saw the film today and didn't notice any footnotes! Where should I have looked?
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For example, there was one that explains that "Scooby" is Cockney rhyming slang for "clue". It appeared in the lower right corner of the frame like an editor's note would in the corner of a comic panel.
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Aha, thanks! I did see those and just hadn't put the word "footnotes" to them. I understand now, thank you.
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When I was a kid, I just accepted there was a guy named Ed who added notes to comics.
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movie so pretty i cry. i cry all through movie because movie pretty.

like i'm not sure how much just discussing the plot and themes and stuff gets us in understanding the affects this sucker produces because god damn those images sure do climb up through your optic nerve all the way into the back of your brain. and then they whisper "this is how things should look. don't look at reality. look at the movie. look at the spider-mans. ssh sshh shh."
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It doesn't seem right that they're going to write the Spiderpersons as fully trapped by fate

I think they gave themselves the out on that by having Gwen's dad quit his job; it means that Canon events aren't as locked in as Miguel thinks. Part of Gwen's Canon now is her coming out to her Dad and being accepted, rather than him dying without knowing who she is. Maybe Spiderpeople being more open with people in their lives is how you avoid some of the Canon events. I also think that even if Miguel's thinking is correct, Miles status as an anomaly offers a different way out - why should these rules apply to someone who was never supposed to be a Spiderperson? One of the big messages here was writing your own story, I can't see them upending that with a message that they are all fated to have certain events always happen.

Anyways, tremendous movie that I can't wait to see again. The fact they were setting up a sequel didn't dawn on me until quite late - I was thinking about how much they had to wrap up (find Miles, rescue Miles, figure out how to deal with the Spot, etc) and the movie had already covered so much ground...oh, damn, it's going to be a cliffhanger! It disappointed one of my kids, who found it fun but wanted the showdown with the Spot. So I get how people can be frustrated with it. Anyways, I loved it, can't wait to see it when I can slow it down. So much going on both visually and storywise!
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I'm surprised that Dan Harmon/Community got mentioned here but nobody mentioned that incredible throwaway Donald Glover joke. I shrieked.
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The sound was too quiet when I saw it, too -- I was thinking of going to the lobby to ask them to turn it up, but I didn't want to miss a single minute. The sound seemed to reach an appropriate level after a bit although I, too, had problems making out a lot of the dialogue.

My Spidey is the one from The Electric Company, and I didn't see him in there. That would have been amazing!
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Just saw this at Rialto Cerrito. I can have a glass of wine? In the theater? Yes please.
The projectionist came out right before the feature to advise that he'd be cranking up the volume after the trailers ended to compensate for the quieter dialogue. Also that there wouldn't be a teaser scene after the credits so we didn't have to stick around if we didn't want to. Now that's good customer service for you!
Loved Miles having a quick face-to-face with Eddie/Venom's completely unfazed local convenience store owner. Loved Pavitr's throwaway line about "where the British keep all the stuff they stole from us." Loved Hobie but could only understand about 1/2 of his dialogue. That plus the need to freeze-frame in order to appreciate the INSANE amount of detail means I'll definitely will be investing the the Blu-ray when it's available.
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Gah, it was The Spot visiting the Venomverse convenience store. Someone revoked my nerd card.
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Gorgeous film. A work of art.

Also like the implication that the proper solution to the trolley problem is to derail the trolley.
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Loved this! (but count me as another viewer who missed more of the dialogue than I would've liked)
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After the amazing first movie I thought it would be impossible to make another movie with such an impressive and novel visual impact. But they did that here. The visual density and complexity is fantastic, and subtle in enough places to give us some pacing. I feel like it would take a lot to unpack everything we saw on screen.
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Finally watched this last night. I did not think they'd be able to top the first but, man, mission accomplished. So so so good.

All of the art - ALL OF IT - is the best possible art. Absolutely solid cast of voices (dunno which I enjoyed more - Deadpool's Dopinder as Pavitr or Jack Quaid as Gwen's Peter/Lizard).

So many details to go back and freeze frame through. Did anyone else notice that Earth-42's Rio had different colored eyes from Miles's "real" mom?
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We watched it at home, then realized it needed to be seen on the big screen, so caught it at a local indie cinema that does some rep screenings along with arthouse films.

It really, really supports a second viewing -- every scene had little things that popped for me the second time around, from small asides to other details. One thing that we both agreed on in terms of the multiple versions is that we would both swear in the home screening the Renaissance Vulture's lines were largely in Italian with subtitles, but in the film screening we saw it was almost all accented English with only one or two lines in Italian.

A couple things I'm mulling over:

Canon: I think the vital part of the canon isn't that some person with the title "Captain" dies, but that Spider-Man directly experiences the tragedy and the guilt of not being able to prevent it. So just locking Miles up until his dad is dead and then sending him home is just as not-canon as preventing the death -- arguably less canon than just preventing the death. And -- if this is such a big deal -- should they really be looping in Spider-People like Pavtir before these canon events happen? There are, like, hundreds of Spider-People now hipped to the "canon" thing -- doesn't knowing that this happens for a metatextual multiversal reason sort of rob the canon's core of tragedy and guilt of any value?

Gwen's age: my wife thinks she's around Miles' age and his parents aren't great judges of age; I think she must be significantly older than 16, not only because of his parents ("she looks old enough to vote") but also because Hobie seems to me to be clearly 20+, and it's also very strongly implied they're knocking Spider-Boots (leaving not only sweaters but a toothbrush at his house, her wearing his shoes [how small are his feet?] via the throwaway line "are those my Chucks?") -- I find it hard to believe that a major studio would put out a G-rated movie with a through line about statutory rape. If Peter died at her senior prom (17-18) and she's been Spider-Womaning for a while since then that'd peg her at around 19, I think?
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Just saw this. Fortunately with subtitles and the ability to rewind -- and adjust the volume because the movie is way to fucking quiet in parts.

Literally stunning movie. Have to bust out the embarrassing superlatives for it.

I also wish that they had shown more with Miles's artistic side. It's okay though. The first one is a love letter to art and I suppose that's enough. This one is a bit more full of typical kids movie family shit. Nevertheless at one point I wondered aloud, "Is Miles going to save all the parents?" and like my voice got all sob-gargly at the end lol.

I loved the design and music for Miguel. And everything else!. Gwen's coming out thing to her dad was so intense that my brain had to shut off for a bit.

Also just the last minute or so, the windup to the "To Be Continued" is so intense visually and musically, and then promising the return of spider pig et al... I still just want to scream.
posted by fleacircus at 10:42 PM on September 13

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