Deadloch: Season 1
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As the sleepy seaside town of Deadloch, Tasmania, prepares for its annual festival, a man turns up dead and a rough detective from Darwin arrives to work on the investigation with the fastidious local cop and an overeager assistant.
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written by the Kates, the comedy duo probably best known online for the parody cooking series The Katering Show.
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Enjoying this so far, although the mixture of broadly comedic and serious noir-ish tones is giving me whiplash at times.
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I really like the subplots about Kevin the seal, as well as the girl who wants to have a footy career and her longsuffering cousin! I agree that tonally it's a bit drastic in the different aspects; I like the humorous depiction of the townies better than the OTT humor with Eddie, most of the time, and feel like the slightly less OTT parts meld better with the murder investigations.
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I am loving this. It's perfect for lolling in bed recovering from my first case of covid. I adore the exceptionally competent Senior Sgt. The townies are a hoot. I don't care for Eddie, but I keep looking forward to her comeuppance. The show reminds me of the Brokenwood Mysteries, just pushing broader on both edges of the emotional spectrum. Thanks for the recommendation!
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I wondered what nangs were. Turns out they are small nitrous oxide cannisters that teens buy to get briefly high.
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It’s a little like watching one normal cop trying to be normal while It’s Always Sunny is going on around her.
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I'm really enjoying this so far. Eddie is definitely a bit much, but that (male) character in these shows usually is, and we're supposed to like him anyway.
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Maybe we should just treat this as a thread for the whole season?

I’m really appreciating how enraged I feel at (most) of the male characters. Their sexism is just…there…and it’s infuriating. Ugh that fucking pathologist.
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Wow Episode 6 was fantastic. This show is getting better and better. OMG the dialogue! You should definitely pause it to read Abby's poisoned text messages.
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The mixture of tones is starting to remind me of a Rian Johnson film (Knives Out; Glass Onion).
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A nice little recap covering the first six episodes by blogger Camestros Felapton.
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I love Abby, and I'm so proud of her for breaking up with her terrible fiance.
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It seemed like she was trying to call it off and James just heard pathologist.

Also when they were talking to the couple that sold the boat to Jimmy, they start off by calling him James. Thought that was curious. There don’t seem to be too many accidental details, so far.
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*post-pone, not pathologist.
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Just watched the first episode tonight. Quirky - I will watch another two episodes this weekend before deciding whether to continue. What a strange, amusing and cringey cast of characters.
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Anyone get to the end?

What a bizarre show. I wish it had toned Eddie’s belligerent idiocy down a bit quicker than it did, but I loved her by the end. Just about everyone got what they needed, some a bit more sharply than others, and I had more actually Out Loud laughs per episode, at the weirdest shit, than I have in a while.

Some flaws but fun. Hope they do a second season.
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Overall I liked it. As a parody of murder shows, it was perfect. As a show itself, it was a bit uneven--I had to keep reminding myself that Eddie was a parody of That Guy On Murder Shows so I would be less annoyed with her--but the twists of the plot were fantastic. I would definitely watch another season (in Darwin this time).
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Anyone get to the end?
Yes! I had mixed feelings about the identity of the killer. (Come to think of it, just like every other murder show I've ever watched, could be a "me-problem" haha.) Poor Eddie can't catch a break! But otherwise, full marks.
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I just finished it and loved it. The tonal whiplash is very Australian, I think - life is harsh, humour is harsh, it all happens together. I warmed to Eddie by the third episode, loved all the main characters and really enjoyed being able to dislike the straight adult men with good cause. Usually on tv I feel some ambiguity about whether I'm supposed to take misogyny as an actual character flaw or clue, or if the writers didn't notice it. But here it was deliberate and funny. I hope the male actors had fun playing terrible people - Phil McCangus and the pathologist fiancé were just awful with every sentence.

The vibe of the teen Indigenous girls seemed very close to the way the two Kates play off each other when they're on camera rather than behind it. I loved Tammy rescuing the older lady saying she can do it because she's cut and strong, then instantly dropping her body once Miranda figures out what's going on. But the best bit of Indigenous humour was the unWelcome To Country by Aunty Faye in the first episode. Perfect!

The cast has a lot of "hey it's that guy"s from Aussie & Kiwi tv. You might recognise Eddie from a season of Top of the Lake or a bit in the movie What We Do In The Shadows, Cath from Wolf Creek or Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, and half the rest of the cast from the excellent Rosehaven, plus Utopia and a heap of sketch comedy.

Mostly I liked that the mystery part of the murders was well thought out, and not just a basic spot to hang jokes on. It gave the cast something real to work with in between the gags.

Some favourite lines:
- Come and cuddle me, sexy, I'm sad!
- You emotional truffle pig!
- does he think they're hiding under the cinema seats like a bunch of lost jaffas?
- I thought he was just failing his way upwards to Prime Minister

Is the frequently-used word "cunt" being censored in other countries? I'm used to hearing it more often than I'd like, but I'm guessing its way too much for non-Australians.
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Like many US women, cunt is not my favorite word. But Abby's use of it the time she broke up with James and he actually realized it was perfect.
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Top-notch, this show was hilarious, well scripted, acting was amazing, location was superb.
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This was fantastic, though I was a little dubious for the first few episodes (until Eddie makes the face turn). I was pretty upset by the final reveal of the killer and for once didn't see it coming. (I did wonder how he managed to march all those dudes up to the farm by his lonesome, but it doesn't really seem like a nitpick about the plot type of show). Anyways, all the main and secondary characters were fantastic, the writing was funny and the humor seemed like came from the characters, rather than being people sitting in a writer's room coming up with zingers. I thought the mystery aspect was well thought out too.

I've never been to this part of the world, but this is the second cool series I've watched that's set in Tasmania (after The Kettering Incident, which is very different in tone but also seemed really well done).
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We loved this. The mix was a little jarring at first but as Eddie became more three dimensional and the laughs/bodies kept piling up (about episode three), we were locked in. Sometime I will have to rewatch to see if the plot really works - it seemed to be a little strained by the end. But the characters and dialog were done so well. Kath was quite irritating so it was fun to see others pile on finally. She did get her redemption (though I am not sure the ugly dog did). Abby and Dolce were gems. And yes James, you truly are a cunt!

"Do you really not know my name!"
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Loved this. So good.

I wish a few little details had been explained (how Sam's body was moved without damaging it, for example), but they are all minor issues about an overall brilliant show.
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I also loved it. Funny that Eddie was in Top Of The Lake, because this reminded me of that series (though they’re not really *similar*).

I only felt “ahead” of the detectives once, which was having an idea of why Skye was “no comment” about her presence in Deadloch the night her dad died.

Part of me wants to rewatch it to see what clues/details read differently knowing how it ends, but I’m also afraid of what plot holes that might reveal.
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