Doctor Cha: Doctor Cha
June 11, 2023 6:39 AM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Twenty years after leaving her medical career, a housewife returns as a first-year resident — struggling to find her footing in a job full of surprises.

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Cosmo review - 'Doctor Cha' Is A K-Drama That's Got A Lot Of Heart—And Sometimes That's All A Hit Show Needs: "The drama hits all the right notes for me. I’ve got a protagonist I can’t help but root for and a villain so easy to hate. There’s a clear ending I want for Jeong Suk: I want her to be happy, whatever form that takes. It’s only as I got to the midpoint that I started realizing nothing is ever as black-and-white as it seems, and I think it’s a testament to the strong ensemble cast that characters like Seo In Ho, Choi Sung Hee, and evil mother-in-law Kwak Ae Sim even appear remotely relatable. I loved that I could watch the drama without having to think about things too deeply. I cheered as Jeong Suk improved her relationships with both her children and her colleagues, and I felt accomplished as she began to understand her calling as a doctor. I was frustrated with her no-good husband and giddy at Roy Kim’s every little move. At the same time, I liked being able to pick things apart afterwards, like how the drama is a commentary on the complicated role women are forced to take in society and how even when it comes to cheating in relationships, the woman always carries the bigger burden when it ~takes two to tango~."

South China Morning Post Review: A meteoric rise during its first four weeks propelled this drama about a rookie doctor’s work and love life to become one of the highest-ever-viewed K-dramas; But the narrative stalls after a midseason climax, with boring storylines and side characters filling screen time while the series crawls to a disappointing end

The Review Geek: "K-dramas, like any other medium, have a good number of tropes that you get used to seeing. The white truck that hits an important character? Check. The second male lead syndrome? Yep. The obligatory “waiting outside surgery” scene? That’s gotta be in there. But ironically, when you’re given a drama that subverts some of these expectations, the reaction is undoubtedly doing to be split down the middle. And that perfectly sums up Doctor Cha. ... If you can go in with no expectations, Doctor Cha is a fun and vibrant K-drama that champions interesting ideas and themes. This is a show all about finding oneself and the consequences that come with trying to achieve your dreams. It’s not an easy path, and it’s not always perfect, but the end-goal makes the struggle worth it. And that really can be projected across to Doctor Cha itself. It’s not the perfect rom-com drama many will be expecting, but it is a unique and interesting take on the genre, making for an enjoyable watch overall."
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This wrapped up on Netflix the other week -- I agree that it stumbles around a bit after the midpoint, but I liked it overall.
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Yeah, it's interesting. On the one hand, I liked the whole "she found happiness on her own!" message... but on OTOH, I thought that the Roy Kim storyline got so shortchanged it felt like another writer took over for the last 4 episodes.
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I get the feeling that they could only ever tease the possibility of Dr. Cha ending up with Roy Kim, that divorce is still taboo enough in Korea that going the "I choose me!" route is daring but acceptable, but going for the "divorcee embarks on new relationship with hot younger guy" would cross some line.
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