When the Angels Left the Old Country
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Little Ash, a lesser son of the famed demon king Ashmedai, studies Talmud all day with his counterpart, a forgetful angel, in the synagogue of a tiny Jewish town in the Pale of Settlement. But Little Ash wants to see more than their unnamed shtetl: He convinces the angel to go to America, ostensibly to find out what happened to Essie, the baker’s daughter who hasn’t written since she left Warsaw. Steeped in Ashkenazi lore, custom, and faith, this beautifully written story deftly tackles questions of identity, good and evil, obligation, and the many forms love can take. Queerness and gender fluidity thread through both the human and supernatural characters, clearly depicted without feeling anachronistic.
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A lovely fantasy adventure set in turn of the century Jewish immigrant community that somehow incorporates the supernatural, gender diversity and queer romance without being heavy handed. Very competently written for a first book! Highly recommended for fans of cozy fantasy even while it expands that genre outside of the Western European castles and swords tropes.
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Oh, sure, give me another book to read.
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I immediately checked this out from the library! So excited to read it!
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I loved this book so so so much. I wanted to stay immersed in it.
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