Project Runway All Stars: Project Redemption
June 19, 2023 7:10 PM - Season 20, Episode 2 - Subscribe

For their first challenge of the competition, the designers have to rewrite history by reinventing the look that either got them eliminated or gave them the lowest score in their past, and turn it into a high-fashion moment for the runways of today.
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I thought Viktor didn't belong in the bottom. He really tried to do something interesting that spoke to the original stilt costume and his leg injury. At least Brandon seemed to understand where he was going. Nora really messed up--although you can't ding her for the color, since her original model had a different skin tone--that fabric was terrible and Christian warned her at Mood, so she had no excuses especially since she hadn't sewn in years and you have to be really great not to get puckers in that fabric.

Bishme has the greatest smile in the world. And Kayne's turned into a Southern mamma (not that I'm complaining, I love it). He really brought the drama to the runway. The contestants I'm most interested in are Kayne, who really seems to have grown, Korto, Laurence, and Mila.

I love Fabio, but we've seen him so many times, they should have given his spot to someone else. Anna is not as cute as she thinks she is, but Brittany is. I don't really like Prajje's aesthetic and I thought his dress (that his model could barely walk in) should have been in the bottom over Viktor's outfit. Hester's vibe has changed which should be interesting, although I came to like her kookiness. And Rami? It will be interesting to see if he can get away from his draping Greek goddess thing.

Wow, I'm really into this. I missed it. I'm glad they brought the A team to All-Stars this time rather than the B team. But Elaine--I don't like Elaine.
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Ah, a “spin a story that will link your old look with your new one even if it’s the most tenuous thread” challenge. Nora’s downfall wasn’t her rusty sewing skills, she lost it at Mood when she chose shiny, slippery, pallid colors. And Kimi himself would’ve had a hard time justifying that design. This surprised me as she is a creative director at a fashion company. She knows there’s life beyond pastels. Even original model Liris would not have saved her. Kara Saun asking to trade models, yeah that’s par for the course. Everyone knows Liris is one of the very best models on PR. That she also ended up on the bottom with that mess, also surprising. I can only surmise this is framing for her rise to the top.

I did love Hester saying she still loved her original dress. IIRC she had immunity that week. The judges were outraged. I thought it was funny that she went for it. I hope she gets to stick around.
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No #JusticeForFade ?
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I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the top looks--PR's seemed pretty uninspired for a few years now. I thought Bishme was going to win with his Story over the slightly more deserving Fabio and Kayne, but would've been happy with any of them. (I also liked that Christian and the producers were appropriately supportive in a situation that any reasonable person would've found upsetting. If Bishme had quit, you couldn't have blamed him one bit. I don't think everyone's neuroses require constant care and feeding, but that was real.)

And the right person went home. If they'd sent Victor home over that puckery thing from Nora, I would've rioted. Nina was right about how Kara Saun's dress could've been fixed relatively easily (NO BEADING SUGGESTING NIPPLE TASSELS). I just want KS's skin care routine, dammit!

I see Hester's found another trend to follow. *sigh*
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