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Well we're three episodes in, so I thought I'd bite the bullet and make a post for any of us who are up for discussing this. According to Wikipedia, there will be 11 episodes in this season. I was cautiously optimistic after the first two...and then the third really was almost impossible to watch. Maybe you feel differently?

Okay, so Che's still with us. And Seema, Nya, and Lisa. Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. Samantha will allegedly be in one scene, shot without any of the other main actors.

What else? New York, shoes, shopping as therapy. Lingering grief for Big; no grief at all over Miranda's marriage ending. People don't walk in LA, people get mugged in NYC.

And maybe it's only that I'm a year older, but I really hope if Steve shows up this season, they don't treat his hearing loss as some kind of moral failure or purposeful marital let-down.

I truly *want* to be excited for this. I truly *want* a show featuring women my age as the protagonists. I'm confused by why it's all so very, very hard to watch though.
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Interestingly, I thought episode three was perhaps the strongest ep so far? Carrie getting advice on grief from Mitzy, of all people, actually rang true. The scenes with Carrie in the recording booth were also really moving - until someone started to get arty with the camera angles and the FX. Just let SJP act, please.

Che continues to be toxic as hell and maybe Miranda going back to NYC will break them up for good? I can only hope. (Look, Mr Big was also toxic and in some ways I admire the show for not washing away some of these character's faults, but Che's comedy is not funny either, so that doesn't even make them worth having around.)

I am also hoping if Miranda is back to support Brady, Steve will also be there and be the best, as always. I'm not sure I want a Miranda/Steve reunion, because she treated him SO BADLY last season. I can accept a Miranda's midlife crisis story but at the expense of Steve? Hard to watch. Don't torture him further.

Charlotte seems to be the only one of the originals who gets interesting stories and I like the characters she has been surrounded with. And her kids continue to be good value. More Harry, though, please.

I actually thought season one of this was generally pretty strong and don't really want to hate-watch this. I really want this group of older women to get great material. The 1990s was so poor at women on TV (in general), that this is the only reunion show of that time that can give us women in their 50s/60s with rich inner lives. Don't fuck it up.
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As an architecture nerd, I don’t feel like we saw the bit where Carrie made her tiny apartment so large. That entry way for example. And, like wasn’t it a joke that she had no room in her kitchen but now she has bench space and a fridge. Also, she has a storage unit, and yet in her tiny wardrobe, she still has her jilted wedding dress in a massive space-consuming box. Where are all the new shoes going? Leaving the bed in the living room is not fooling anyone.
I know. It’s TV.

I agree with crossoverman about Episode 3, it was actually quite moving to see how the plot of the audio book allowed the show to keep the grief process in front of the viewer. A year is no time. I think the truest thing of the whole AJLT spin off is Carrie faking Covid to avoid her emotional fall out in front of others, and saying something like ‘I dunno, it’s been a year of leaning on friends, and I feel like there’s a limit’ - that is super relatable for anyone who has experienced loss of any kind. How much can we keep asking for that care, even if, as we see, she does have friends who do recognise the especial hardship for a grieving person to narrate such a harrowing experience for the public in her own voice.

SATC and AJLT are going to hew the same line on women and sexuality that it always has: that adult women’s sexuality is presented as a mix of discovering one’s pleasures and sharing new fads from online communities and trying out new things to awaken ownership of sexuality; and putting them voyeuristically into a patriarchal pot where old, secure tropes where women deep down like being sexually objectified, and are a mass of competitive creatures on that front.

I was pretty uncomfortable with the MILFs cooing over a minor. The idea of a ‘double standard’ about objectification is one both shows mine at times, another bone being thrown to the patriarchal tropes that you feel sure is required when making a show which has a mainly feminine characters.

It’s redundant to point out all the ways that capital and women’s role in greasing its wheels in conspicuous consumption is glorified. It’s part of the fantasy of the show, and it always has been, just like a tardis apartment, tardis wardrobe etc.
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The women salivating over the 12 year old, wth!? That really disgusted me and I'm pretty shocked it was allowed in the series.

Other than that, it's been ok. There's usually something in each episode, a line or scene, to somewhat redeem it, but then a lot of stuff that is not so great.

I actually like SJP and think she is one of the best actors on the show. I also like Carrie. I'm confused about Miranda's complete personality transformation. She used to be cynical, sarcastic, and practical, and now she's a huge softie often lacking in common sense? I get that people change, It just doesn't seem like there's much of a thread from her past personality.

That being said, I'll definitely keep watching. Sigh...
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I also liked the way Carrie's handling of and processing grief was portrayed.
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I thought episode four was pretty solid - lots of great guest stars, another good story for Charlotte (and Harry), more layers for the new characters. Miranda's scenes with Brady and Steve were great and her scenes with Che and Che's ex made me wish I was watching a different show.
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Back after ep 4 to say that I just really would love never seeing Che again. And I despise how Miranda has completely lost herself. What does she *do* now? What is her purpose? She left law to go back to school to make some meaningful change in the world, but gave that up to follow Che. She dumped her marriage, she barely parents her kid. What...does she do with herself all day?

I'm grateful we got the fan service of Steve and his boxing bag -- yes, annoying within a household but the dude looks nice, and I hated the way they made his hearing loss a symbol of his weakened masculinity last season. The writers write Brady as if they've never seen an almost-adult kid or parented one.

On the bright side, I'm into LTW and Herbert; all the stuff with Carrie and Enid felt very SATC; same with Harry and Charlotte.
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Thoughts after episode 5, which seemed extremely SATC!

Herbert's George Washington costume -- love the Hamilton shout out! Penis pump guy is against vibrators, which is very classic SATC in the category of a guy who's alllllmost great but then definitely isn't.

Everything involving Carrie and the guy on the bike was sooooo classic SATC and I loved it. Her blathering about the urgent care and one of the Olsens was magnificent. (Also there was literally no reason for that guy to run into her, plenty of time for him to stop.) Her on the video call with the guy's partner and sneaking out of the room, and then bike guy's voice coming from every part of the loft.

Rock wants to use their modeling money to plant trees in Israel! The perfect tactic against Harry.

And then we come to Miranda, who wakes up before dawn with the loudest possible ringtone on her phone. That's right on character for the way they're writing her now, which continues to be a bummer. And she's got classes at Columbia...which means she's doing a lot of off-color socializing with one of her professors, Nya...and now she's going to stay in her guest room? Yikes. I guess the only good thing is that it feels like maybe the relationship with Che is falling apart? I would never, ever want her back with Steve but it feels like literally anyone would be better for her than Che.
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Miranda makes me cringe so much. She's just so awkward and always saying the wrong thing. I realize this is her character also from SATC, but I'd hope that by her later age she'd have a bit more awareness of the world.

As for Miranda and Che, ugh. She just lets herself fall into relationships without really choosing or wanting to be with someone. "Oops, now I'm dating Steve. ... Oops, now I'm dating Che. I don't know if I like them or want to be in a relationship, but I'll just passively let my life be determined by other people."
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Episode 6? All I'm going to say is: Che records Cameos from the bed after the lights are out and they've said goodnight; and Steve has an outburst which seems designed to make us hate Steve, and instead I hate the writers for writing that.

And just like that...I continue to watch. (Not proud of myself but there you go.)
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Episode 7. Why are all the children portrayed as little monsters? Do the writers really not have kids and/or just hate kids? Where is a moment of tenderness and love between any of these parents and their children? Does motherhood bring any joy whatsoever to Miranda, Charlotte or LTW?

As for Aidan, I'd like to quote Maggie Fremont from Vulture: "Carrie and Aidan have an undeniable spark. Carrie and Aidan are not a good match. Both things can be true!"
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Is it just me or did that Aiden/ Carrie kiss feel super puke?

Like, guys, I think Carrie might be a reeeeaaaallly bad kisser. It looked like she was chomping his face. She really doesn’t do ‘chemistry’ with men, even with Big, the only chemistry was their fights.
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I'm getting bad vibes from Aidan. I'm guessing some of his presentation is about Corbett trying to look more like the old Aidan than he does in real life, but his face appears unpleasantly frozen and his posture is odd with that weird jacket not helping at all. But I feel like something is off about him. He always had the potential for me of turning into one of those toxic "nice guys." When they are out buying spoons I feel like Carrie is trying to make it a fun thing while he has the potential to become picky and controlling in a way that will blow up in her face.
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Episode 9 felt very SATC but also I'm genuinely confused about where they're going with Aidan. I don't think Carrie's at the maturity level where she'll ever behave with him in the toxic way she did in the past...but also I don't really see this as a "we're gonna grow old together" relationship. Is it just me?
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I had this feeling that they may do a plot twist where Aidan winds up dumping her, or saying he's not really ready for something serious.

The whole thing feels off-kilter and I'm hoping that's by design. It moved really fast and I'm not seeing what their connection is after all these years (other than shared history) and it seems like it all may implode, but maybe it's just not great writing. Also, Aidan makes me cringe a little.

I kind of liked the scene, and acting, when Sima has negative feelings and distances herself from Carrie and Carrie worries about losing her. The show has tended to shine when it focuses on female friendship dynamics.
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let me count the ways Carrie and Aidan could break up. His kids-- there were hints of that, right? Has Carrie ever been on a good wavelength with kids? (Contrast Miranda and Charlotte who are adorable with their kids and with each other's.) His ex still loves him too. But the whole thing seems so unfocused. The idea that she talks about Big as a "mistake" is very weak to me, as a story element. If the suggestion is that Big was a mistake as opposed to picking Aidan, I didn't see the same original show as everyone else. Carrie and Adan were not a good match. If Big was a mistake, period, it makes nonsense out of Carrie's grieving process. Ugh, messy.

I do find it refreshing that none of the single women seem headed towards monogamy as the end of their story.
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Also I got a kick out of the fact that the actress portraying Aidan's ex-wife is IRL married to the guy who played Berger, the guy who broke up with Carrie via Post-it note. (It would be hilarious to see Berger again!)
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I always wonder why I keep watching. This episode was just awful. Yet I’ll be there til the last dregs of the season out of, I dunno, nostalgia?

The whole “last Supper” plot is going to tie up the Aiden/ Carrie arc, probably with a break up. Who is going to be Judas?

Well, it’s obviously Carrie, who behaved with Miranda this episode like a thorough deserter. I can’t believe she didn’t walk out of the comedy show. Instead she sat watching her friend’s distress at the awful sexual pillorying meted out to her, didn’t offer any comfort at all, THEN told her she would have to sit through a dinner with such a person minutes later, or else. Che sucks. Carrie sucks.

This episode had that very American trope of a problematic pregnancy - angering, alarming, fretful, inequitable, sexist value systems laid bare! - being deus ex machina’ed by the fortuitous miscarriage. Eyes were rolled back into the far recesses of heads as far they could go in this house.
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I am starting to feel like the problem with this show is that it keeps telling me what to think, often using characters' reactions in a way that seems totally unrealistic. I almost feel like i can hear the discussion in the writers' room. "How are we going to get Miranda into that club to hear the things Che says? I know, we'll have Carrie tell her she should be more involved with her exes (or whatever random thing that was that Carrie said for whatever random reason). Then we'll have her be totally surprised at what she hears." I just hate that they've made Miranda look so clueless while still not making her very sympathetic. I mean, I find what Che said to be pretty much the kind of thing you should expect your (somewhat caddish) standup-comic ex to say when doing an act right after the breakup.

On the other hand, I was interested in the old recorded set that Che watches and I wish they would have more things like that.

I don't completely hate the show, though, as an update on the characters.
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Sooo.... Aidan can't be in a relationship with Carrie for 5 years because of his teenaged son? Sounds like the kind of nonsensical excuse a committmentphobe gives to avoid a relationship....although I know on this show they are trying to make us believe it's romantic, or noble.

Once again the episode was a mix of extreme cringe with some... less cringey moments. I don't think this episode was as strong as some others that had more genuinely touching and funny moments. Some of the acting is awfully stiff and awkard- seema's boyfriend, aidan...

Oh! I almost forgot the call from Samantha! What in the world. Very strange and awkward especially knowing the real-life drama between SJP and Kim Cattrall. The whole convo was strange and awkward and I didn't even understand what she was talking about regarding her flight?

Is this the last episode of the season?
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That was the last episode of the season...but it got renewed again. I feel cautiously optimistic, though the "wait 5 years" thing was utterly absurd.

Feels like the season's MVPs are Charlotte and Harry; their bit of the ending montage -- struggling to set up her new phone -- was hilarious and also very real. Feels like Miranda might be finding a reasonable partner in that woman from the UN/BBC. I'd love it if Che waltzed off into the sunset with their new hookup partner. Still quite angry about the LTW plotline not having the courage to utter the word "abortion" in these times, but I like the character and I wonder whatever happened to the idea of Herbert running for office. Seema's great but I think her new partner is charmless. Nya...well, were truer words ever spoken when she arrives at Carrie's dinner party and she tells Miranda "I don't know any of these people"?

Who's left? I liked Anthony's moment of vulnerability with the Italian poet, saying he held all the control in his last relationship, but in the ending montage he certainly didn't look happy in the midst of losing his "ass virginity" as Harry put it. The kids? I still hate the way the writers make the kids so generally awful, and make it seem like none of the parents are close to their kids or actually enjoy parenting.

And that leaves Carrie, I guess. It's nice that she's moving out of that tiny apartment with the Narnia closet. I suppose it's cute that she has a cat. But I wonder what her trajectory will be next season? She doesn't really have a career -- no mention of writing at all after her widowhood book was published. She's in theory about to wait 5 years for Aiden (which is nuts). What will she do all day, decorate that new home?

One thing's certain: despite my love/hate relationship with the show, I will be watching!
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I don’t think anyone making the show understands what waiting five years in the life of a 56 year old woman is asking. This was Aiden at his peakest weirdo making that non-clicking fingers about five fucking years. I already assume that between my age and five years hence, I won’t have less than 85 chins and probably varicose veins down to my toes.

Like what, she can’t even visit him?

Was this the first episode in the whole franchise where Carrie/ SJP/ a body double did bra-less sex scenes? I think that was the longest train of thought I maintained in the whole show.
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honey-barbara, I do think this was the first time SJP got anywhere close to naked for the show. And I'm 56 so I really feel the hilarity/stupidity of the "wait 5 years" thing!
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Feels like the season's MVPs are Charlotte and Harry; their bit of the ending montage -- struggling to set up her new phone -- was hilarious and also very real.

I don't remember if she was this funny on SatC, and I'm familiar with her other work, but Kristin Davis had surprisingly good comedy chops.
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Circling back around because the one thing that reallllly keeps echoing in my head is that NONE OF THESE PARENTS SEEM TO LIKE THEIR CHILDREN OR PARENTING. It really bothers me!
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The effort to shoehorn that Samantha cameo in? Feels like they weren't sure if they would be renewed, so they wanted Kim Catrall back for the last episode of the franchise. The ending montage worked really well to tie off this show. But after all the drama of Carrie trying to get Samantha to talk to her last year, to have a basically meaningless call to farewell the apartment was very strange.

The "five years" plan is very strange, but I guess dramatically it's not a break up, which they've done with these two before. I'm not sure it makes any real sense - they should have tried a long-distance relationship, even if it was Carrie visiting 90% of the time. Again, this feels like another nod to the show maybe ending after season two - hanging a question mark at the end of their relationship seems fitting if this was the last episode forever.

I think this season was better than the first? I am looking forward to the third season.
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