Joy Ride (2023) (2023)
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Four Asian-American friends (Stephanie Hsu, Ashley Park, Sherry Cola, Sabrina Wu) travel through Asia in search of one of their birth mothers. Along the way, their experience becomes one of bonding, friendship, belonging and no-holds-barred debauchery.

More successful at the raunchy comedy than the sentimental bits, still a perfectly pleasant summer evening. Bonus points for (a) letting the driven career woman stay a driven career woman; (b) coming down on the side of online friends being real friends; and (c) devil's threesome!
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Saw this Saturday and really enjoyed it. Very funny, and I liked the sentimental bits. And killer soundtrack.
posted by Gorgik at 12:18 PM on July 10, 2023

Can someone who has seen it tell me how much vomiting there is in it? All the reviews I find of it mention vomit, but I'm not sure if we're talking 'one character throws up once' or 'one longish scene of a lot of vomiting' or 'characters vomit copiously at many points in the movie'. I am, uh, a sympathetic vomiter, shall we say, and given that my stomach is already in a state recently, I would prefer not to see movies with a lot of vomiting but a short scene somewhere in the movie is probably not a big deal.
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It's two scenes fairly close together, and it's Audrey throwing up on someone else. They are both short, although after the second time you see the other person getting cleaned off, so you see them covered with goo. Although honestly it doesn't look that bad. If you want to avoid it, both happen in the drinking scene with the client.
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Yeah, this isn't Triangle of Sadness or even Knives Out. Go to the bathroom when the drinking scene starts and you'll miss some funny jokes but you'll also miss the puke.
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Saw it last Saturday (with Gorgik) and nthing that it's really funny. Deadeye was my favorite character (I adore weird nerdy characters), but they really all have their moments to shine.

Sadly I can report that Audrey's obnoxious boss who kept bellowing that he was an "ally" is only about 15% more ridiculous than actual white Seattle lawyers who want to pretend that they're woke. I'm glad that there wasn't some contrived scheme to land the deal/save Audrey's job working for that jerk. She didn't need to.

It's not doing as well as expected at the box office, so if you're thinking of seeing it in the theater, you should go sooner rather than later.
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If I caught the line right, I think Deadeye came out as nonbinary at the end of the movie? One of the other women was referring to them as "they" in the little toast.
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Yes, I think there was also the line in their kpop cover of WAP where Deadeye says they don't want to be called "she" anymore? I really liked their adaptation of the lyrics.

This was more Girls Trip-inspired than I thought it would be, but also really sweet, and I liked the discussions about what it means to be Asian and to grow up apart from your birth culture that were woven through.

Also, Audrey's obnoxious boss felt too unfortunately relatable to enounters I have had.
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Okay. We’re like 20 minutes into this. I just picked it up from the library cause it caught my eye on the shelf. And I am SO MAD that I didn’t hear anything about this movie before. This is a goddamn fucking masterpiece.
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Don't look at me, I posted it on the purple!
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Okay we just finished it.


This movie is literally perfect.
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You tried your best praemunire! My connection to the outside world is… lacking.
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i laughed until i couldn't breathe then cried so hard i couldn't breathe. fucking fabulous.
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