Quiet Riot: Well Now You're Here, There's No Way Back (2014)
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The rise, fall and near-resurrection of a 1980s metal band.

This documentary lovingly covers the foundation of Quiet Riot, the untimely death of lead singer Kevin DuBrow, that event's effect on drummer Frankie Banali, and Banali's quest to resurrect the band in the aftermath.
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The movie is currently airing on Showtime. It will be released on DVD in May, 2015.
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I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this.

I was a teenaged boy in the '80s, so of course I have a soft spot for "Cum On Feel the Noize." It was a huge hit, essentially unavoidable. I've never been a big metal head though. All the metal bands that came after left me cold. I guess I just couldn't identify with the big hair, spandex, cocaine, and hot chicks vibe that came off that scene. I certainly couldn't have picked any member of Quiet Riot out of a line-up with the possible exception of lead singer DuBrow.

I found myself fascinated by Banali. In addition to being a rock drummer, he's a widower, loving father, good cook, and Nipponphile. At one point, after another disappointment when singer Mark Huff didn't work out, he says exasperatedly, "I just want to earn a living." You can't help but feel for the guy. Hell, it took him three years to even think about continuing with Quiet Riot, even though he and DuBrow had agreed that either of them would continue if the other died first.

All of which is to say, even as someone who is not a big fan of heavy metal music in general or Quiet Riot in particular, I found this story compelling and well worth the two hours.
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I'll chime in 5 years late as apparently the other Mefite who has seen this. I came away from it with a deep respect for Banali. Although given all his record royalties I have to think he didn't really need to be touring in 2017 to pay the bills. I met him at a metal festival shortly after the movie was released and about a week after I watched it. He seemed genuinely thrilled that I had seen the movie and was willing to chat about it and not ask about QR.
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