Elementary: Hemlock
February 6, 2015 8:56 PM - Season 3, Episode 13 - Subscribe

With Kitty gone from his brownstone, Sherlock finds himself in the doldrums, digging through old cold case files and talking to a variety of people to keep his interest. When the wife of a lawyer shows up and wants Sherlock to do his "P.I. stuff" on her possibly cheating husband who she hasn't seen in 48 hours, Sherlock agrees to take on the missing person case to get out of his slump, pulling Joan into the case. While working together, Sherlock comments on Joan's dissatisfaction with her relationship with Andrew, which Joan tries to dismiss. And then the case takes some twists and turns, as does Joan's relationship with Andrew.
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I just worry this is heading into romantic relationship territory between Holmes and Watson, which I deeply do not want for a variety of reasons. A big one being a man and woman being friends working together and NOT becoming a couple because it happens in real life (at least in my experience) and it would be nice to see that actually played out.
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I'm almost positive they're not going to do a Sherlock/Joan romance. I'd be willing to bet on it.

I had almost forgotten what the name of the episode was until the final scene.

Yay, Clyde's a painter!
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I don't think they're going to write a Joan/Holmes romance but they did have to find a way to get her back into the brownstone.
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I cannot imagine Elementary would write Joan & Sherlock as a couple. For one thing, Sherlock has proven through words and action that he has no interest in a monogamous relationship. And I don't think he has ever said anything about wanting to have sex with Joan, which considering how he has no appropriateness filter for the things he does say seems a pretty clear indication that he doesn't. And I don't think Joan's rejection of what Andrew offered was a sign that what she really wants/needs is to be in some kind of poly arrangement with Sherlock -- even if she'd found him attractive when they met, she would have nope-ed away from that thought so hard (due to it being so out of bounds with her sober companion/client, doctor/patient ethics) that he will forever be categorized as un-fuckable in her brain.

Too bad for Andrew. Who would be trying to poison Joan though, I wonder?
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While I do indeed ship Joan/Sherlock, like I ship basically every incarnation of Holmes/Watson, I don't necessarily want to see it happen on the show. I'm happy with just beaming at them every time Sherlock brings her breakfast in bed and clothes, or they have a meaningful conversation about their relationship. I will spare you my unseemly squeeing about how sweet the breakfasts in bed are. (Seriously, he does not half-ass those breakfasts! They look pretty great!)

I hope the end of the episode means that the rest of the season will focus on Joan's arc. As much as I love Sherlock, I want more Joan and deeper stories and arcs for her. If it takes fridging her boyfriends to do it, I'm okay with that. Sherlock has such a defined character arc and journey with his recovery that Joan's character development has seemed comparatively directionless outside of changing careers to become a detective.

I did also really appreciate that Sherlock did not try much dissembling when it came to admitting he was lonely. Any other show would have drawn that out for a whole episode or more, but Sherlock now has the self-awareness to know that he needs people. It's nice to see that he knows that and still struggles with making meaningful connections to people, but that he tries anyway.
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Of course Andrew could have been the real target. I assume the person (woman?) who bumped into Joan did the poisoning.

A medical friend complained that hemlock poisoning isn't nearly that quick. I doubt that's significant though.
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Did the barista call out 'John and Andrew'? Or did I imagine that? I know I've had my name mispronounced so many times....
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Yes, the bumping woman and pronounced "Oh excuse me!" on Joan's part was definitely the signal - TV never portrays that kind of awkwardness unless it's character development or someone's pocket getting picked.

Was kind of 'meh' about the last few episodes of Elementary so really brightened up at this one; the pacing was just right, there were a shit-ton of comedy moments, and lots of Joan's apartment. Oh Joan's apartment... how I love thee. That is one big bastard kitchen island. Not to be crass but gah.

Goddamn give somebody an Emmy. This was directed by Christine Moore and written by Robert Doherty and Arika Lisanne Mittman. Start there. Then given Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu Emmys. The latter has really grown on me, the former is pure bonkers in his line delivery and very good at comedy.

(I even find Aiden Quinn turning in a passable performance - normally I find him the weak link in the show. Very funny small moment between Jon Michael Hill's character and Sherlock as well.)

Maybe I'm just in a good mood but this one seemed to pick up the old magic and promise better episodes to come.
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Also the bawdy surprise ménage à trois (and jeez tons of tatoos) was a lurid yet perfectly played opener; glad this Sherlock has a sex life unlike the asexual seemingly robotic UK version (no offense). The chimichurri sauce line was hilarious and I'm sure they thought carefully in the writer's room before settling on that particular food item.
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