They Cloned Tyrone (2023)
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John Boyega, Teyonah Parris and Jamie Foxx. (YT Trailer) Tyrone Fontaine is a regular drug dealer in a retrofuturistic neighborhood, until a series of eerie events leads him and his unlikely companions down a rabbit hole into a conspiracy.... RT: 93%. Wikipedia Page

I plan to watch this on netflix this weekend, but i see it's in theaters, too. I have been hoping for parodies of the MCU, and love John Boyega.
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I hadn’t heard of this at all until yesterday, but the name is so good that it immediately went on my watch list.
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It's so good! Starts out like a stereotypical gangbanger picture, but changes into something else that actually engages with and discusses those gangbanger stereotypes. Filmed like an old blacksploitation movie with tons of grain, and cigarette burns to mark the reels. Boyega, Parris and Foxx are all excellent, and their chemistry is fire. I'd watch a movie of their characters hanging together. The ending is a little rushed, but I'm impressed they managed to eke a satisfactory ending out of the premise; a minor quibble.

My quick pitch is: Get Out meets Sorry To Bother You, but retrofuture 70s.
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My quick pitch is more like Cabin in the Woods (Cabin in da Hood, amirite?) and Nope, I think.

The premise became more interesting when I considered the blaxploitation setting. Recycling negative racial stereotypes to influences the masses? Sounds like a commentary on the film industry itself. In light of that, I appreciated the "remake" that appears at the end of the film; a movie recycling itself like an ouroborus.
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Does this film use "Tyrone" by Erykah Badu? They really should.
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@DirtyOldTown Even better! She recorded an all new version named "They Cloned Tyrone" for the end credits. I almost fell off my couch!
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I’ve been waiting for this to come out and it didn’t disappoint!
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Casting Kiefer Sutherland was a nice touch.
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[Favorite part - spoiler]The wig! Especially that two white scientist dudes wouldn't consider it.

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Spoilers are ok in FanFare and that was genius of Yo-Yo!
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It turns out, I liked the premise and the acting, but the plodding pacing left me struggling. About half way thru, I was in "is it over yet" mode
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Loved this. I think people are put off by the tone somehow, but it is clearly artificial. The blaxploitation vibe is done up for fun, but also well done, and then part of the plot.

I don't laugh a lot even at comedies, but I have to say the banter in this movie had me dying. Jamie Foxx and Teyonah Parris have great chemistry and timing.
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This was a lot of fun and well acted, loved the fake 70s film stock look. I love that they tricked me into thinking it was a Groundhog Day type scenario but switched it up into something much more nefarious. Far from feeling like it was plodding, I was so happy when it kept going instead of ending. There were some plot holes (like is this the first time a Fontaine has died in the Glen? If so why do they have so many at the ready, and really how did he never notice that he never saw his mother leave her room ever), but it was entertaining enough that I didn't get caught up by them.
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This was fun. Parris and Foxx seemed to be having a blast.
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Super late to the game by watching it just last night. Parris, Boyega and Foxx had amazing chemistry together and handled the comedic elements perfectly.

The funny thing is when she was getting brainwashed with the relaxer, I though "isn't that a wig?" and then laughed when I was proven correct, and I loved when she was skulking around in her "undercover detective" outfit, but was still immediately recognized.
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I'm even later to the game! I finally watched this and really enjoyed it. It hadn't occurred to me that "What if 'Us' was a comedy" was a premise for a film, but, hell yes. And I certainly hope it was as fun to make as it looks like it was.
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just watched this last night and wow!!! I had little expectations going in (except I had heard a lot that its so good etc.,) and wow!!! fantastic all around. great acting, so much great meta-commentary deployed very deftly.

I struggle to understand the "comedy" designation, because it was DARK!! (I mean, I get it, but damn!!!)
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