Command Z: Full Season 1
July 31, 2023 6:13 AM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

A scientist tasks his employees with a "historic" mission to travel back in time to revise history and save the world.

The credit title notes:
Episode 1: For more information on time travel, watch The Terminator; Brother Future; Run Lola Run
Episode 2: For more information on climate change, watch Soylent Green; The Day After Tomorrow; Ice Age: The Meltdown
Episode 3: For more information on Wall Street, watch Wall Street; American Psycho; Hustlers
Episode 4: For more information on dogs, watch Snoopy Come Home; Turner & Hooch; Hotel For Dogs
Episode 5: For more information on social media, watch The Social Network; Ingrid Goes West; Die Influencers Die!
Episode 6: For more information on nuclear energy, watch The China Syndrome; Chernobyl; Atomic Hope
Episode 7: For more information on God, watch The Ten Commandments; Oh God! You Devil; Evan Almighty
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Missed a link, this can be streamed online at:
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I quite liked this in a "laugh because the other option is cry" sort of way. The movie recommendations were a hoot.

Just read a fun interview with director Soderbergh and Kurt Anderson, who wrote the book the show is based on: linky link
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Defector interviewed Steven Soderbergh, and it touched on this series. (I'm midway through.)
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