Il Mare (2000)
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[TRAILER] In the year 1999, a young woman leaves her quaint seaside house and returns to the city, leaving in the mailbox a card for the next owner, with instructions to forward any mail of hers to the new address. In the year 1997, a jaded young architect moves into the same house--and finds the letter. His reply, which he slips into the mailbox, finds its way to her, beginning a parallel-time love story separated by a span of two years. If this sounds like The Lake House, it's because that film was a remake of this one.

Starring Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Jung-jae, Kim Mu-saeng, Cho Seung-yeon, Min Yun-jae, Choe Yun-yeong, Hong So-yeong, Nam Jeong-hee.

Directed by Lee Hyun-seung. Written by Kim Eun-jeong, Yeoh Gee-na, Won Tae-yeon, Kim Mi-yeong. A South Korean film in Korean.

Has a fairly high 3.7 average on Letterboxd. Currently streaming in the US on freevee, Pluto, Vudu, and Kocowa. JustWatch.
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Forgot to include:

hanov3r was kind enough to support MeFi with a donation. Their request was for six films about time travel. bent back tulips also donated to MeFi and and is interested in sci-fi thrillers, so I'm doubling down on this one, which is helpful since there are a lot of good films available. I'll be using the tag #timetravellin

Donate $25 or more to MeFi and you can MeMail me a request for a themed day of your own. I'll fill up the sidebar on FF with six movies that fit your theme.
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I watched this probably twenty years ago when I was working on improving my Korean skills and honestly didn't like it that much. More positively, Jun Jihyun must have an amazing skin-care routine because she looks exactly the same today.
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