Only Murders in the Building: The Show Must...
August 8, 2023 9:28 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

After Ben Glenroy's collapse on stage, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel piece together the show's first days with a suspicious cast and crew to determine if foul play was involved.
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Good start. Paul Rudd -- who is very much a guy who generally looks like he's having fun out there -- is clearly having the time of his life.
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Is Cobro a dig at Ant-Man? He turns into a giant cobra that fights crime.
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I don't know whether it's a dig or just a reference, but we're definitely supposed to believe that he's basically playing Mirror Universe Paul Rudd (minus Paul Rudd's actual stage credentials).
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When Ben staggered in and started apologizing--of sorts--wowza! That was amazing! So how'd he survive an hour of death, only to plummet?!?

Poor Mabel, being forced to move out and has less excuse to hang around her "guys." Awww.
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My favorite lines: "The lead of my play left my stage without a pulse, and all I can think about is my career. I don't know, Mabel. Narcissism should really be more fun than this."

Seconding that having Ben show up again, then immediately establish that everyone hates him, was a great moment.
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So glad this is back with an expanded cast! Meryl Streep is excellent, so convincing as a bad actress in the read through.

My favourite line was “He’s gay, so I can kiss him like that” 😂
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I can't believe they scored Cobro for this!
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I love that Paul Rudd is the same generation as all of his castmates.
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My favourite line was “He’s gay, so I can kiss him like that” 😂

Meryl Streep's Scottish accent killed me as well.
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Ben showing up at the party was a bit of a surprise, but you knew he was immediately going to die again, and it made sense in the context of "only murders in the building."
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I don't have any trenchant commentary here, I'm just delighted the show is back.

I did find Mabel's very open FOMO about her two favorite olds hanging out doing theatre without her very endearing. And it's somehow simultaneously surprising and completely obvious how good Meryl Streep is at convincingly playing a bad actor.
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OMG, I hate Ben so much...and I barely tolerate Paul Rudd most of the time. I'm just glad I'm supposed to hate him

I love how Mabel is really the heart of the series, especially since last season. She's the sane one between the two olds, and the one whose life changes the most. Now she has to move, and is worried about being forgotten. The show is so good at showing how Charles and Oliver love her but are completely controlled by their own narcissism.
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It's obviously Meryl Streep, so it can't be her.
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