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In the wake of discovering that his ex-wife married his former roommate/friend/sponsor Ben, taking a shot of bourbon at Mardi Gras, losing his role as a Sober Friends counselor at the church, and sleeping with his neighbor Allison, Loudermilk continues to try to help members of his group in the storage closet of a record store/coffee shop.

Starring Ron Livingston as the titular Loudermilk, Anja Savcic as Loudermilk's current roommate Claire and Will Sasso as Loudermilk's former friend/sponsor/roommate Ben. Featuring Brian Regan and Mat Fraser as Mugsy and Roger. Created by Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort.

Definite trigger warnings for: drug and alcohol use, suicide, death, and drunk driving
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This is a well-cast and ingeniously-plotted show. Loudermilk, the protagonist, is an annoyingly loud and fucked-up leader of a 12-step substance-abuse group. This viewer can't help but sympathize with him. The show is worth watching, IMHO.
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I feel more unevenly about the show. There's some great stuff but there's also some super cringe stuff. If it wasn't for the cast, who are delightful, I don't think I would have liked it nearly as much.
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I love when legendary, always-clean comedian Brian Regan gets down to Farrelly's level. Just hearing him cuss is shocking delight.
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I'm glad they let the second season expand to give the ensemble more space. I was a little uncertain when Ben returned, but they handled it well. Which gives me hope for the Cousin Oliver-level Clyde storyline heading into S3.
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Put it on as a background show. Something about the jokes and themes scream “written in 2010s” but only filmed now. What would have been edgy, funny, insightful or deep at that time is coming across as passé. Or maybe I’m just old. Compare to Shrinking, which I also think is uneven, but at least has some genuine LOLs.
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