Session 9 (2001)
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[TRAILER] Tensions rise within an asbestos cleaning crew as they work in an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past that seems to be coming back.

Starring Peter Mullen, David Caruso, Stephen Gevedon, Brendan Sexton III.

Directed by Brad Anderson. Written by Brad Anderson and Stephen Gevedon.

66% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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There's a reason this is everyone's pocket horror recommendation.
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I'm shocked this hasn't been posted before. Love this one.
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There was a dead period of, I want to say... several years where it was not available streaming. I bought in on Google Play when it came back in spring, but had not watched it again until today.
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...the scene where the lights in the tunnel start going out...
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There have been something like three horror movies that wigged me out proper; the "jump scare" kind of thing doesn't really get to me, and not even all psychological horror gets to me. There usually has to be some kind of imagery combined with the psychology that gets under my skin.

So it's Us, 28 Days Later, and this.
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I remember this being damned good, but I couldn't tell you why - like the details were absorbed and buried. For some reason when I picture it I see over-saturated VHS stock, but a quick check shows it's 24fps HD digital video...

It was recommended by someone after I told them how good the Shalebridge Cradle level of Thief: Deadly Shadows was - a (mostly) abandoned asylum turned orphanage.

I can't see David Caruso's name without remembering South Park's dig at him in their first episode; Kyle urges his brother Ike to jump from the open cargo-bay door of a hovering alien spaceship by saying, "Quick, Ike, do your impersonation of David Caruso's career" - Session 9 must be the apogee of the bounce upon landing then.
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I think one of the reasons this movie hits so hard is that it manages to be pretty mysterious/spooky-in-an-unexplained-way until the last act, in which it wraps up cleanly and completely.
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The first time I watched this I just sat on my bed and whimpered. Viscerally upsetting.
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2001 was my movie year. I had moved to Tallahassee to get my Masters at FSU, and between all the work I managed to see a ton of movies. The very last film I saw there after graduating but before moving back to Jacksonville was this one. Jesus, what a note to end the year on.

I actually haven't watched it since because of certain plot elements that would strike me a lot differently twenty-two years later. But, man oh man, what an incredible film.
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If a location could be given an award for its value to a film, like an Academy Award for Best Location, surely Danvers State Hospital would have won an Oscar for this.
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oooh this is a good one, indeed. maybe time for a rewatch!
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With this film, I've made about 27% of all of the FF movie posts ever, lol.
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How did you figure this out? I want to know my percentage!
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I added up my number of FF movie posts (the long way, a while back; I update every few weeks) and I divided it by the number of FF movies (visible when you click into movies from the main FF page.
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I don't even have 10%. Now I am depressed.
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Have you considered being annoying and overbearing and filling up the front page with your personal bullshit?

Works for me.
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I watched this movie alone, in a dark house, late at night, and after that final line just sat on that couch waiting to be less frightened. Absolutely perfectly done.
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I love this movie! It winds the tension tighter and tighter, as everyone gets more stressed and irritable… I love the premise, the sound design, the realistic working class characters instead of Vague Ungrounded Movie People… You’re making me want to watch it again right now.
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I think this might have been in the last dozen or so movies I rented from Blockbuster. I need to own a copy of it.
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I don’t remember much about this movie, except a few shots. What has stuck with me is the almost unbearable feeling of dread they built. It doesn’t have a lot of scares, as I recall, just this looming mountain of dread.
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