What We Do in the Shadows: Hybrid Creatures
August 18, 2023 6:49 PM - Season 5, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Nadja gives back to her community; Laszlo's experiments have some unexpected results.

Dear lord, it's not just the frogs. And Blinky stays behind.

Colin Robinson is the coolest teacher ever and even a cool friend. He and Nandor take over Nadja's night school class after she decides to help Helen "Magic" Johnson to see if she can escape her own hex.

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Has Guillermo actually killed a human directly or only vampires so far? The hybrids calling him Daddy made me laugh so hard.
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The hybrids may give me nightmares...
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Yeah, the hybrids were too uncanny for me, did not like.

I did enjoy Nandor's reaction to his stuff being in the local history museum. Do we think Colin Robinson arranged that as some kind of long prank? I'm just saying, local museum docent seems like a great energy vampire gig.
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Dammit, meant to include this article on the VFX of those uncanny Gizmo critters.
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Yeah, the hybrids were too uncanny for me, did not like.

Oh yeah, I was split on whether or not Guillermo should kill them, especially once they called him "Daddy." I'm not at all happy Blinky is staying, but at least he's got limited range.
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I thought the Guillerminals (it's funnier if you say it out loud) were cute. Horrifying, but also cute. Seeing them all cuddling with the old folks was so sweet, but I do wonder how the senior home is gonna deal with the floor-melting poops. Maybe a solid steel litter box?

Has Guillermo actually killed a human directly or only vampires so far?

I seem to remember references to him killing people for the vamps. At the very least he's indirectly responsible for plenty of deaths, given how he routinely rounds up unwitting victims for his master to feast on. He's always cleaning up corpses and there was a very, very dark gag where Guillermo was sitting around watching Twilight with the corpse of a victim, and that's some serial killer shit. He seems like an innocent little guy, but he's actually pretty creepy in his own way.

I guess they thought it'd be funnier to make Colin a "cool" teacher, but honestly I don't think he'd bore students enough to drain them if he was busting out Shakespeare raps, making them sit outside in the cold and showing his nuts! That's all stuff that's really gonna wake people up. If he'd really gone deep into Staten Island history, classic Colin style with squeaky chalk and an overhead projector, he could have drained those students dry in no time.

There was a lot to like, but the doughnut lady plot felt like filler. I think we all figured out early on that she was no witch, and then the eventual revelation that she was just some nutty con-artist obsessed with pastries wasn't that much of a surprise. Also, was that some very, very weird product placement for Dunkin' Donuts?
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(Sorry, I misspelled. It should properly be Guillernimals.)
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