The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House
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Two inseparable friends move to Kyoto to chase their dreams of becoming maiko ( young geiko—the Kyoto-specific term for geisha) , but decide to pursue different passions while living under the same roof.

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The Makanai is based on a best-selling manga by Aiko Koyama entitled Maiko-san chi no makanai-san, first published in 2016.

Director Kore-eda says:
“When I researched the all-women, communal living quarters, known as yakata, in Kyoto, where this story takes place, I was fascinated by how the women call each other mothers and sisters despite having no blood relations,” Kore-eda says. “Their way of life inspired me to recreate this world for the screen.”
From Time article

Directed by Kore-eda
Starring: Nana Mori, Natsuki Deguchi, Aju Makita

This is a beautiful show, slow, soothing, gentle and kind.
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This show is so lovely. The beautiful fabrics, the food, the gentle story. It's "nothing much happens" unless you pay attention. There are sad undercurrents and subtle conflicts.

Also there's a scene where a geiko freaks out her boyfriend by imitating a movie zombie's walk. Amazing.
posted by Zumbador at 7:44 AM on August 20, 2023 [1 favorite]

It turns out that my dream is to cook for a communal home. The historic, "no cell phone" aspect, and intimate bar, take the dream to new levels.
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I love this show with all my heart. It's in my top-5 all time list, and I'm so pleased to see it here in Fanfare. Every aspect of the show is top-tier amazing from the story, to the acting (with incredible performances from a (mostly) very young cast, to the cinematography and the story. I sobbed tears of joy like a little kid through the last episode. Can't recommend this one enough.
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Here's a collection of YouTube videos (mostly from Netflix, with English subtitles) to watch after you've finished the show. They really helped me understand some of the subtleties I was missing out on as a westerner:

The ending explained:

Behind the scenes/making of:

Kind of cast interview type things:

I just got very obsessed with this show - it came out at a real difficult time for me - and it really helped me cope. I'm similar to Kiyo, in that I love to cook and if I am cooking something for you it's not just from the joy of cooking but also because I love you.
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My brother recommended this to me, and it was spot on--so lovely and gentle and genuine. I have since recommended it to more than one person, and they've all been glad I did.
posted by theatro at 2:12 PM on August 20, 2023 [2 favorites]

ssmith wow thanks for all the links!
posted by Zumbador at 9:52 PM on August 20, 2023

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